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First podcast I’ve done in over 6 months I discuss a lot about the spiritual journey i've been on that led me back to 8AM, Yogananda, meditating an hour a day, surrender, & the Eckhart tolle retreat -Arlin By the way, the 8AM store is open to those in this group using access code ‘summer’
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First podcast I’ve done in over 6 months
🤨 “How do I get my friends to take good pictures of me?”
Wow. In just a couple days we have 1,000 members going through IG engineering. Let’s double it. Why? Well - The most common question I get is written in the subject line of this email… “how do I get my friends to get better at taking pics of me?” You’re learning all this stuff, but wouldn’t it be much easier if your homies understood all of this too? Well - the answer to that question is now incredibly easy to act on, simply send them an invite to Instagram Engineering. All they really need to do is watch the last course video “80/20 Content Generation”. Here you go: copy this and text it to them You could say something like, “yo - think it would be worth going through this so we can both level up on ig. This guy Arlin made it - he’s the 🐐” Spread the word, - Arlin
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Welcome to Instagram Engineering!
1.) Make sure you bio lists your Instagram account name 2.) Introduce yourself in the community, share photos for feedback, and most importantly DO THE WORK IN THE PROGRAM. Guys - seriously - I should have charged you for this... My only ask for giving you all this for free is that you share Instagram Engineering with at least one friend. There is your referral link. You can also share a photo that you are going through Instagram Engineering on your Instagram Story, and if you tag me @arlin and I'll repost you! How to get the most value out of Instagram Engineering: A - Complete The Un-F*ck Your Instagram Guide, & Archive Your Bad Photos B - Go Through Instagram Engineering & Learn How to Get Amazing Photos C - Take Massive Action & Get Amazing Content D - Post Your New Content in the Instagram Engineering Community for Feedback! E - Share “Instagram Engineering” with Friends, on Your IG Story, Tag @arlin for a Repost F - Test Your New Instagram, DM higher value people, DM for dates & deals G - Check Out Tribe Accelerator And MOST IMPORTANTLY, give 10x more than you take. Always seek to give value before you ask for it. Give others feedback before even considering asking for feedback on your own content. What you give, the world will return. Cheers, - Arlin PS - How are you not in Maxi yet? Use this code "engineering" to get in Maxi for just $1 and start leveling up your mindset while you work on your instagram
Drop your instas. Keen to support and interested to see the content you’re putting out🤝 mines @milodowling_ Lets connect
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If You're Making $100-1,000/mo On Skool Read This
Most people get stuck in the $100-1,000 range. Usually it's just the really close followers any maybe some friends in there. So how do you grow it to $5,000, $6,000, $7,000, 10,000/mo??? Well you need to implement a high-ticket-offer In short a high-ticket offer is a high-value / high-cost offer You can get paid $3,000+++ to work 1:1 with your audience to get to their goals So... what could a high-ticket-offer look like? (Dream Outcome + Time + Decrease Of Effort + USP + Promise/Guarantee ) Example:I will personally help you scale to $5,000/mo in 45 days or less without having to put in more than 30 minutes/ day or you don't pay This is what I did for 4 of the creators who I've worked with When I approached these creators they made $13,650 dollars from their audiences COMBINED After working with them 1:1 and implementing my quantum scale system i've been able to make these creators over $300,000 If you're a coach, influencer, or creator then I can probably do the same for you Got 1 last to scale a coach, creator, or influencer to $20-50k/mo (GUARANTEED) for Q3 And the best part is that you barely need to work because we will implement DFY backend systems And don't worry, this even works for creators with 20,000 followers DM me "Q3" if you want to scale to $20-50k/mo
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