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My mastermind helps entrepreneurs remove procrastination and get work done in half the time using mental mastery, without stress or wasting time.


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Synthesiser school to Vegas?
August 2022 i joined synthesiser school I was a dumb kid with no business knowledge who just dropped out of school then had to hop on government welfare I locked the fuck in and learned everything i possibly could from andrew and now im 11th place on the skool games leaderboard At my current trajectory I dont see why i wont enter the top 10 and be able to go to vegas and meet andrew kirby, hormozi and sam ovens Synthesiser school changed my life drastically. I remember Jamie even found his girlfriend here. Crazy
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wait whos jamie?
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@Jamie Barclay sup
What Logo Is Your Favourite? (Free AI Image prompt)
AI images are sick- i'd pay premium for ChatGPT AI image generation. Totally recommend it. Also Canva premium. Used this prompt: "design me a sexy brand image for "Mega Mindset". A business with a vision to help entrepreneurs across the world to escape their mental prison and achieve real freedom. One dedicated to achieving Stocism, mental mastery and unparalleled consciousness." I made some new logos for Mega Mindset (my brand). You can vote for which logo you like the best (attached pics) Thanks brotha
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The Billion Dollar Mastermind (lessons on money, motivation, and audience growth)
As mentioned, I spent 1-day with a group of guys whose combined net-worth exceeds a billi. I'm making 7 threads in 7 days sharing what I learned. --- Day 1: Audience growth (unfortunately I had to delete this) Day 2: Increasing motivation Day 3: Making money Day 4: Offer Creation (just released) --- For those who don't like reading on Twitter, once finished I'll post to Skool. Including the audience growth stuff. Shh.
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Sounds awesome, will check it out. Who the hell is on Skool but NOT twitter?
5 Steps To Overcome Perfectionism As A Creator
Perfectionism is public enemy #1 for creators… I used to hate posting because I wanted my content to be perfect. Now I realise why. It came from a fear of being seen as inferior. For months, I wouldn't dare post on YouTube, for fear of being ridiculed or rejected- what if people I know found the videos? I didn't want to be judged or receive criticism since it would feel bad. The root of perfectionism is insecurity- secure people don't care about being perfect. They're just happy being who they are, and doing what they can. It's enough to just put in 100% effort, without needing to "win" or be seen as perfect by others. Perfectionism blocks your creative juices and paralyses you into a perpetual state of "almost finished." It'll cause inaction and writer's block made of titanium that you just can't seem to make a dent in. Nonexistent content can't perform well- if you don't produce content, you won't get anywhere. "Perfection is the lowest standard you can set for yourself." - Tony Robbins Perfectionism comes from these three things: --- 1. Comparisonitis I used to compare myself to everyone else further ahead of me. It was soul-crushing. Why was I so unhappy? Because of envy. Envy is the root of all suffering. Nothing is perfect when compared to something else- the only real kind of perfection exists in just being, without needing to compare yourself. Everything is unique, and perfect in its own imperfect way. Comparing yourself to others creates misery, and disempowers you. It isn't fair to compare yourself to others- they're in a different position, body and stage of life to you. "Don't compare yourself with other people; compare yourself with who you were yesterday." - Jordan Peterson That's not all: --- 2. Fear of Judgement/Failure Perfectionism is rooted in fear. Fear isn't a sign you're in the wrong place, it's actually a sign you're on the right path to growth. Fear was designed to keep us alive, but now it's there to keep us stuck in mediocrity.
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How to make money (without being an expert)
Credibility-hack. Leverage the credibility of others through close association. When I got started on YouTube I was a spotty, uneducated, teenager. I had zero credibility. So I procrastinated on making content for ages. "Why would anyone want to listen to me?" So I borrowed the credibility Stoicism to start uploading videos: (sort by oldest). I was never claiming I was an expert. I was saying "Marcus Aurelius was an expert, and here's what he said." It worked! I started growing my audience. It's worth noting you can credibility hack in many ways. Leverage science (like Rian Doris), leverage celebrities (like Jeff Bezos Vs Elon Musk's morning routine), or really anything else that has credibility. Then I realised that I had overcome my procrastination around uploading videos, so now I had some credibility around that topic. "I used to procrastinate, now I don't, here's how I did it." I went from borrowing other's credibility to having a bit of my own. I started being the 'productivity guy' Launched a flagship digital product. Made $1M in 2 years. So... if you don't have credibility... Credibility-hack!
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This gave me an amazing insight, thank you. I've been speaking/writing as if I know the answers. But where did I learn them from? That is why people click. Not for MY lessons- for the lessons of Tony Robbins, Marcus Aurelius or Sam Ovens.
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