How to make money (without being an expert)
Leverage the credibility of others through close association.
When I got started on YouTube I was a spotty, uneducated, teenager.
I had zero credibility.
So I procrastinated on making content for ages.
"Why would anyone want to listen to me?"
So I borrowed the credibility Stoicism to start uploading videos: (sort by oldest).
I was never claiming I was an expert.
I was saying "Marcus Aurelius was an expert, and here's what he said."
It worked! I started growing my audience.
It's worth noting you can credibility hack in many ways. Leverage science (like Rian Doris), leverage celebrities (like Jeff Bezos Vs Elon Musk's morning routine), or really anything else that has credibility.
Then I realised that I had overcome my procrastination around uploading videos, so now I had some credibility around that topic.
"I used to procrastinate, now I don't, here's how I did it."
I went from borrowing other's credibility to having a bit of my own.
I started being the 'productivity guy'
Launched a flagship digital product.
Made $1M in 2 years.
So... if you don't have credibility...
Andrew Kirby
How to make money (without being an expert)
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