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Andrew Kirby changed my life
Made a quick loom explaining how Andrew changed the entire trajectory of my life I took my first month of government welfare in april 2023 April 2024 I placed 5th in the skool games @36k Insane Thank you Andrew for everything you've done and continue to do for us
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@Areeb Hamdule yup. Always give credit where credit is due
What Logo Is Your Favourite? (Free AI Image prompt)
AI images are sick- i'd pay premium for ChatGPT AI image generation. Totally recommend it. Also Canva premium. Used this prompt: "design me a sexy brand image for "Mega Mindset". A business with a vision to help entrepreneurs across the world to escape their mental prison and achieve real freedom. One dedicated to achieving Stocism, mental mastery and unparalleled consciousness." I made some new logos for Mega Mindset (my brand). You can vote for which logo you like the best (attached pics) Thanks brotha
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Best logo is no logo haha. I built an entire 6 figure business with no logo and no real name for it
Synthesiser school to Vegas?
August 2022 i joined synthesiser school I was a dumb kid with no business knowledge who just dropped out of school then had to hop on government welfare I locked the fuck in and learned everything i possibly could from andrew and now im 11th place on the skool games leaderboard At my current trajectory I dont see why i wont enter the top 10 and be able to go to vegas and meet andrew kirby, hormozi and sam ovens Synthesiser school changed my life drastically. I remember Jamie even found his girlfriend here. Crazy
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@Zac Solipsism @Jamie Barclay
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@Simon P. This months new MRR on the right. On left is in last 24 hours
17k On YouTube, But I Don't Want To Force My Community Onto Them
Over the last few months, I have put all of my time into growing my audience mastering ideation, writing, and editing. But things go slow when doing them right... I am not planning on stopping my audience growth, but I am focusing more and more on taking care of my community Mental Cortex here on Skool. The "issue" is that I want to play the long game with this and therefore don't: -Overtly mention Mental Cortex in my videos -Mention it a lot in my newsletter -I only put a link to my external landing page which I made for the community I simply drop a little crumble hinting at its existence here and there, because I know that especially in the beginner position I am in the main thing to focus on is building long-term good will. I want to hear what you guys think about this and if you think I'm being too careful @Andrew Kirby some input would mean the world.
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Take Andrew’s advice. Sell high ticket bro. You can easily make 5-10k/mo with ur current audience if u sell high ticket
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@Andrew Kirby man said Donny haha. Love that uk slang
The goal is to make a movement
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@Callum Rylance Thanks for sharing that Callum. It's nothing but the truth but doesn't feel like it at the time. I am definetely going to give it a shot
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@Jack Alderton damnn that’s crazy man. It always crazy looking back at old posts or comments
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