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Just sealed the deal with client #5, marking half a year in the SMMA game. 🚀 It's been a journey of relentless hustle, learning, and growth. To my fellow SMMA owners: keep pushing boundaries, the grind pays off. Here's to many more wins and lessons learned.
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Win form 25 weeks in SMMA
25 weeks being an Agency owner. What a journey, from barely being able to sign a client on low ticket to now working with 7 high ticket clients. My biggest takeaway from my journey so far is how important being around the right people is. I realise now that every time in my life that I went the wrong way or became somebody that I never wanted to become is because I had surrounded myself with the wrong people. Proximity of the right people is so important and I guarantee once you start surrounding yourself with the right people you will find success.
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It's kinda cool to be endorsed by the outfit who own WhatsApp😎
The Zuck owns me. He owns all of us.
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Hot take: the algorithm IS on your side, your content just isn’t good enough
Quick disclaimer before I even say anything: by no means am I an expert or am I telling you what to do, these are just my observations Very often I see people in the content creation space say that it’s not even worth trying when you can make the best video ever but if the algorithm doesn’t like it, tough luck.. But after hearing one of the best to ever do it, MrBeast, say opposite of that, saying that most videos just suck, and it’s not the “algorithm” at fault for why your video didn’t do well I was pretty intrigued So, having uploaded 5 videos to YouTube, without any getting more than 15 views, and having only 12 subscribers at the time, I thought I was doomed and that no one new would ever see my videos But regardless, I wanted to test this theory and try making a really good video, so I picked a topic, put my own spin on it, worked my ass off editing it (really trying to optimise for viewer retention) and split testing tons of thumbnails until I made the best one I could And then, I uploaded it, thinking it would get like 100 views at most, and went to sleep Next morning, I check my channel to see how it’s doing, and the video blew up (for my standards and expectations lol), sitting at close to 1k views, and I had hit the 100 subscriber mark And as the days went on both the number of viewers and subscribers just kept growing, topping off at around 10k views and 600 subscribers Again, by no means are those crazy numbers, but for a channel as small as mine, it felt crazy, and it really pushed me to put even more effort into the next few videos The main takeaway is this: If you REALLY give your best in the content you make, it will pay off sooner or later Even if not, as long as you’re continuously improving and getting better, that alone makes it worth it to keep on going I wish you the best!
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Happiness is seeing your tribe getting result
Making money is great. But the real fun is this: Seeing your community taking action and winning their game. No matter how small the win is, you must celebrate it. I am happy that people inside the community are taking action and growing their businesses. Truly amazing.
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