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Andrew Huberman's brain
I got inspired by the great work of @Andrew Kirby who prepared searchable databases of Alex Hormozi and Naval. I did something similar for Andrew Huberman's Podcast: - I took all of his podcast episodes - Summarized them and created a searchable database - Built a custom GPT on top of the database The GPT searches the most relevant podcast sections and answers health/performance-related questions based on the found resources. It also provides links that allow users to dive deeper into the topics of interest. I'm sharing how I'm using this GPT in the YouTube video. You can find the link to the GPT there. Hope you enjoy it, any feedback is appreciated, Luke
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How to get GREAT audio on your youtube videos (without an expensive mic)
Originally shared this on the bro @Ulysses Rivera post. But I thought I'd share here too. Your steps would be: 1. record audio on your phone 2. use adobe speech enhancer 3. download new high quality audio 4. upload to eleven labs to clone higher quality voice Hope this helps!
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🔗 All the Resources you ever need as a Content Creator
A list of resources you have been searching for as a content creator: Thumbnails: Thumbnail tester - it shows you how your thumbnail and title will look like in the recommended feed Thumbs Up - it shows how your thumbnail will look on different devices - removes backgrounds on photos, so you can make cool thumbnails Canva - A free way to create thumbnails Luminar Ai - Transform boring photos to thumbnails that pop Photoshop - If Canva is not enough, and you want something more powerful @Jay Alto - a creator focused on teaching YouTubers how to create thumbnails his Twitter and Discord server is a must-follow for every content creator also his free resources such as the Thumbnail Guide and the Red Arrow pack Thumbnail Colors - learn about the color combinations that the most viral thumbnails have Jay - Thumbnail designer ------------------------------- Music and Sound Effects: Streambeats - free music (mostly lofi) by Harris Heller - free music for every genre, you must credit the author and you limited to 10 downloads per month Audiolibrary - free music, you have to give credit to the author Epidemic Sounds - The most quality music on the market but you can only use the music till you have a subscription Artlist - also a premium music service, you can use the music forever, but you have to pay upfront for a yearly subscription
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6 Best Content Writing Courses to earn money in India 🤑
1. Freelance Blogging Launchpad 2. IIM Skills Content Writing Course  3. Henry Harvin Content Writing Course  4. Harappa: Writing Proficiently  5. Coursera: The Strategy of Content Marketing 6. Udemy: The Complete Content Writing Course -3 courses in 1 P.S. - Choosing the best content writing course in India is a crucial decision, but with the right choice, you can unlock a world of opportunities in the digital space. Remember to consider factors like: - course content, - flexibility, and - support to find the perfect fit for your goals before you invest your money. With so many options available, it’s crucial to choose wisely. Ultimately, the right course will give you the valuable skills you need for a successful content writing career.
Quick Thoughts on Money
3 minute read by author and financial advisor Ben Carlson - 17 Thoughts About Money Top Takeaways: - Financial contentment is a better goal than financial freedom. - Outsourcing is money well spent - Most problems that can be solved using money aren’t real problems. - The best perspective about money comes from past versions of yourself. - Enjoying your job is a form of wealth (Particularly love this one)
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