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Entrepreneurship - Making money online so you can start providing for your family, become free and have purposeful work you love!

Dating - Attracting a beautiful feminine woman and treating her right so you cultivate so much love in your life!

Fitness - Building an aesthetic body so you become proud of yourself and what you've built!

Social Skills - Making masculine friends so you don't have to play the game of life on single player mode anymore!

We're also having a great time together - All the guys here are 'Hamza fans' like you so we all share so many values and beliefs.

We have group calls where we just talk about life, we have live lectures that my brother and I give, premium courses from other YouTubers. You can see how many of the guys have left a comment on the Loom video above. I'm really proud of this place and I think you'll love it once you join.

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