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Full guide: 30 Years of Sales knowledge in 5 Minutes
Here I am again, this time synthesizing one of the best videos about sales. You can read it here: Comment below with valuable videos that you think would be great for the community.
Why 95% Can't Make $10,000/month Online
New video! Check it out by clicking here: And let me know what you think in the comments. Happy to help further if needed.
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Business Lesson - 41 minutes of Hormozi in 5 mins read
Amazing how every Alex's video is packed with new information and at least one new insights. Here's my full notes about it. Do you want me to post one Hormozi video daily here with its insight?
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Monetization Lessons with Hormozi
Every Monday Alex Hormozi and I do a live Q&A call inside of The Skool Games. Here's 3 lessons I learned from the last one (use these to build an online business): ---- Here's how to find your niche: The 3 P’s: • From a past profession • From a past pain • From a passion Ask yourself: → What have you done and already got paid for? → What is a problem you faced and already solved for yourself? → What is something you love doing? --- How to make a compelling offer: 1. Figure out the WHAT 2. Figure out the WHO 3. Figure out the HOW Ask yourself: → WHAT am I doing (based on the 3 P’s above) → WHO am I helping with that? → HOW am I going to help them solve that problem? Once you have defined that, move on to the next step: --- What should I focus on when starting a paid community? You have 4 main levers: • Traffic • Conversion • Retention • Price Focus on traffic first, then conversion, then price, and finally retention. --- If you want to join the Q&A call live on Zoom with me and Hormozi every Monday, start a free trial for The Skool Games here. EDIT: If you want to see clips from the Q&A I just uploaded them in this Twitter thread
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What are some ways I can charge $997-$2500 for a training program?
Hey everyone, so I've decided that I'm going to be doing a pretty high ticket program and I want the price range to be around $997-$2500 for a 3 month program. The program will basically cover how to eliminate the specific pain that my client may have in their body currently. So for example, if they have knee pain, I will teach them how to eliminate knee pain. But I want to provide more value than that. Because I want to change the entire way that they train. I basically want to attract people who like the idea of being athletic even when you're old. Being able to be mobile & playing with their kids & grand kids when their old. And I want them to not be in pain for all of that. And before you ask "is this possible?" I've done the research and gotten results for people, it is. The things I was thinking of providing value of was: 3 personal training calls. Lifetime access to a community of people that bought the same program(probably going to be on discord or skool). Form coaching Courses on eliminating pain during exercise & daily life Nutrition guides Longevity training guides A custom workout plan Premade workout plans for people to follow Possibly even train people to be coaches(might be a whole different product on that though). But also, this is a training program, and I don't really see people charge this high for stuff like this besides getting certified in stuff. So if possible, could you guys help me brainstorm, and figure out ways to justify this price. Also, I know I mentioned some stuff about what I want my clients to be like, put simply, my ideal client is in their 20s-40's(there is no specific age for this), and they exercise regularly & like I said earlier, care about their longevity.
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