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59 contributions to Skool Community
Zap triggering on request, not on member approval
Sup team, My newest member requests are trigger upon member request vs upon acceptance. Couple of issues here: 1. We may not want to admit all members 2. We may have automations triggering upon acceptance that we only want triggerjng then and not before (like AI SDR calls etc for those who request it) How do we fix this? V
New comment 20d ago
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@Jade Jemma yep I think it's the "new normal" - I undersatnd why you'd want this if you want automation to trigger immediately etc but I'd like the option to zap upon acceptance vs upon submittal
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@Jade Jemma fingers crossed!
Why I Use 2 Skool Communities (1 Free, 1 Paid)
We made $50,000 last month using 2 Skool communities but... Do YOU need 2 communities? Maybe not. Let's find out: I just made a video going into depth on why we decided to use 2 communities, and why it makes sense for us from a profit perspective using our client acquisition method, however... Every business is unique... So you should ask yourself: • Am I using appointment setters? If so, 2 communities might be best. • Do I want to treat my prospects differently than my paying clients? If so, 2 communities might be best. • Am I okay with mixing paying members and free members together? If so, 1 community may be fine for you. Watch the vid below for more info to help you decide if 1 or 2 communities is best for you. Ted ✌🏼 P.S. Want 1 on 1 help setting up your Skool community (at no charge)? Send me a DM with the word "SKOOL" & I'll set yours up with you for free so it's set up like mine.
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New comment 11d ago
4 likes • Aug '23
@Daniel Wagner not yet, but you'll be there in no time!! Focus on adding a minimum of $1k MRR per month and you'll be in a radically different situation in 5 years from now :)
0 likes • Apr 13
@Harley Seelbinder your profile settings then to communities
New feature: Facebook pixel tracking
Imagine running Facebook and Instagram ads directly to your group with perfect conversion tracking. Imagine if you could retarget people who visit your groups about page. Now you can... Introducing the "Meta pixel tracking" plugin — track page views, membership requests, and purchases. Everything you need to grow your free or paid group with ads. But does the Skool about page actually convert? @Evelyn Weiss has been running FB/IG ads to a well optimized ClickFunnels landing page for years. She tested the same ads to her Skool about page in a true A/B test — her Skool about page beat her custom funnel. (and we haven't even optimized it yet). Need help connecting your Meta pixel? Watch this tutorial video for instructions. Enjoy 🎉
New comment 6d ago
3 likes • Apr 9
Would love to see your CPA etc on your ads Evelyn!
Gating course access and resources
If your using a payment gateway outside of skoolC whats the easiest way to give access to a course area manually?
New comment Mar 18
1 like • Mar 18
@Rex Anderson oh thats cool, I didn't realize this!
Individual subscription invite links
It would be very helpful if we had an option to send someone a specific subscription price based on what tier of membership they’re coming in on rather than having to change the entire groups membership price, have them sign up the change it back to the default original pricing Can we make this one happen sooner rather than later cause it would tremendously help with winning the Skool games Example: - Group is $97/mo - But I can send a secret link for $997/mo because they’re paying for extra features - Or it’s free - But I can send them a 97/mo subscription link if they want to get access to certain things This would work as a multi-tier subscription option It would make growing our Skools much more dynamic
New comment Feb 7
5 likes • Feb 5
Or even just have 2 payment options at sign up: $997/yr or $97/mo for example. Would allow us to effectively replace funnels
3 likes • Feb 5
@Armin Shafee also good point!
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