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We're working on subscription billing, and we need a few creators for the private beta. Interested? Give me a money GIF in the comments below if you want subscription billing.



Robert Boulos
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Jason Reed
New comment 11h ago

Here's the recording from yesterday's call. We covered new features, the Skool merch store, some big things on our roadmap, and Q&A to finish it off. The call was pumping! Here's a summary: New features: - Members tab + filters - Bulk actions: Give/remove access, remove members, export CSV. - Auto DM new members - Filter chats by unread Our roadmap: - Native payments (charge subscriptions or 1-time for courses) - Native mobile apps (iOS and Android) - Native video (host videos in Skool) - Improving the features we have Thanks everybody for attending. It's a pleasure building this platform for you ❤️. Back to work!



Stuart Clifford
Jean Francoi Hardy
Joshua Centers
Tomas Svitorka
Valeria Fiumano
New comment 20h ago

Good communities highlight their members. It's all about the members. That's YOU! We want YOU to share how you're using Skool so others can get ideas and learn. We'll give spot prizes (like Skool merch) to members who share something cool. If you share something people find useful — we'll promote you to our 800k email list, 134k YouTube subs, and put you on our website that gets millions of monthly visits. We created a new category called "How I'm using Skool". Check it out! If you want to share how you're using Skool, create a post in that category with a good title, a short description, and a quick (less than 5m) Loom video sharing your setup/use-case. Help us help you!



Robert Clay
Nick Hauser
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Joel Vazquez
New comment 2d ago
  • 4 likes • Feb 25

    I use it like a Facebook group now. And course access.

Is there going to be any type of video or posting that somewhat matches how clean videos and posts look on Facebook? The photos and videos to the side make it kinda difficult to take it all in. I definitely think skool is a great asset regardless. It would be nice though. If you could live stream using something like ecamm would be a huge plus too



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment 4d ago

The files we can add as resources in the classroom are not opening. But it works on regular chrome



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment 5d ago

If you could wave a magic wand and add one feature to Skool, what would it be?



Benjamin Nabers
Oli Reitmaier
Tim Han
Peter Svenning
Samir Branchet
New comment 8d ago
  • 0 likes • Jan 30

    @Sam Ovens personally I love the idea of skool not doing funnels there are so many options.

  • 5 likes • Jan 30

    Being able to upload videos natively without being capped at 100mb. Be able to handle a ton of gb for high quality video. Have the ability to add a tiered community inside of 1 community instead of having to launch another skool community. Its not a money thing, id pay a other $97 just to have the tiered community in the original skool community I made. Kinda like how circle does spaces.

Skool is Amazing - I love the way the communities are constructed Recently, I've been trying to run ads to grow my skool community but unsuccessful. Has anyone tried running ads to Skool? I am unable to track conversion effectively which means I can't scale it. How would you construct a funnel which sends people to Skool with analytics? Currently, I have: - Ads -> Landing Page -> VSL (plus skool) But I want to create: - Ads -> Skool (and skipping VSL along with landing page) but I am unsuccessful in this regard Any tips would be helpful! Maybe it would be great to somehow include referral URL or some analytic features showing where the people are joining Cheers, Eric



Marcos Ruiz
Joshua Centers
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Eric Seto
Simon Harding
New comment 9d ago
  • 2 likes • 10d

    I did this for groups the last year. Use a lead magnet. Create access to get the lead magnet in skool.

Is there a place to add a hyros pixel?



Seth Ellsworth
New comment 14d ago

This is the analytics of my youtube. There are about 80k views / 60 minutes, and 96% of traffic coming to my youtube channel is from Mobile Phones. Now while attending courses, your customers may definitely log on to desktops. Still, interacting with one another or seeing notifications will be much better from a mobile app. Skool is a real user-friendly app, but I believe the engagement is getting a big hit, especially as the members will need to be on a desktop which doesn't happen during most parts of the day, especially if the customer segment is not an outlier or skewed due to an inherent exception of your niche. I think we need a MOBILE APP as a PRIORITY. What do you guys think?


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Oliver El-Gorr
Fitzgerald Council
Sam Ovens
Akassh Ashok Gupta
Joshua Centers
New comment 14d ago
  • 1 like • 14d

    @Akassh Ashok Gupta I get it. But the companion app works great until the real one.

Has anyone set this up? It looks like the only trigger link from ghl is new opportunity.



Alok Gandhi
Eli Richardson
Joshua Centers
New comment Feb 26
  • 1 like • Feb 26

    @Alok Gandhi I got it done.

  • 1 like • Feb 26

    @Eli Richardson From my understanding for specific course access it has to be a link sent per course. I used a webhook. I could be wrong? I just hired someone good with webhooks.

Right now I have 3 different course is being sold, one is a main offer, bump and upsell. So far each is sent access via webhook to a link for access. So if they get all 3 they get all 3 links they have to click. Is their an easier way to automate this to have one link that dynamically unlocks?



This would allow more efficient way for students to publish video. Would also make adding content to classroom more efficient. And adding auto-transcription for all classroom videos would be gamechanger for course content, employee training, q&a calls etc.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Lendon Bracewell
Nurlan Puchak
Joshua Centers
Aaron Resendiz
New comment Feb 4
  • 0 likes • Jan 30

    Just tried posting a short video from my phone and it was too large? I love the app that’s out. Is there any idea about being able to upload large video sizes to Skool?

  • 0 likes • Jan 30

    @Aaron Resendiz wait can we not upload direct video to skool for the course area?

Is it possible to make Vimeo private links to work inside Skool? The same links are working fine with other apps like for example "Notion". I can embed private links in Notion without any problems.



Nick Guadagnoli
Hubert Pierzchalo
Joshua Centers
Matheus Felix
Ronda Moore
New comment Jan 31

Is there anyway to add photos that show up full kinda like facebook?



I want to launch a program for $50/month with the ability to simply click to cancel it at anytime. How would one go about implementing this on Skool? Whether in house or with 3rd party services? Thanks!



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Kevin Barry
Joshua Centers
Danny Mallinder
New comment Jan 7

I love the idea of this app, what I was going to do previously was use ghl in a course using a video to sene nurture emails when they complete certain video length time. Video 1 being finished would fire off an email and sma sequence and unlock video 3. Is any of this possible connecting skool course progress?



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment Jan 6

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