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Joshua Centers focuses on a specific method called the Offer Launch Formula that focuses on content that attracts & converts attention into customers.


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Im getting 5-10 requests a day
Im not doing anything other than YouTube and im noticing at least 50% of requests are from skool, some people have the same name and give different emails? Its cool people are requesting but no way is it genuine interest with all the requests. Is there anyway to filter through people who are just joining to dm other members.
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Ooh that will probably solve it, I essentially dont want anyone to join just from skool Until they consume content. My thought is they are some are joining to msg others.
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@Sam Ovens for context. Different profile pics. Different emails. Names are backwards.
Alex Hormozi + Skool = $$$$$
"I just made the biggest investment of my life" coming from Hormozi means a lot! What's going to happen next? 👀 Where do you think Skool should spend the investment money from Hormozi? Skool is already damn near perfect... not sure how they're going to improve it from here!
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Hopefully they will finally fulfill native video like they had on their roadmap and have live capabilities
New Roadmap?! :-)
Hey guys, i am very excited about skool and i already run 4 communitys. Can we get a new Roadmap? :-) The last 60dyas Roadmap, was 60 days ago, right? Thank you so much for your work, i love it! lg Calvin No Google translate this time, sorry Greetings from Germany
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@Nurlan Puchak have you heard or seen anything else about it?
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@Sam Ovens Any update on the video hosting and possibly lives?
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Is there a way to report these horrible cold dm strategies people use from every other sm channel?
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Native video hosting in Skool
Are there any firm plans to allow Skool communities to upload video files (and ideally other media files like audio) directly onto Skool's servers? Rather than using third party such as Wistia, Loom etc. For instance, for uses in courses, lecture recordings. This would be a great way to prevent external sharing of content as only members of the given Skool community have access to the embedded files. This also gives a privacy benefit as some resources can involve members sharing sensitive personal improvement experiences which I'm sure they wouldn't want leaked outside of their supportive community. Plus it would make it so much easier to manage; all Skool resources in the Skool not hosted on an array of third party platforms. The communities I represent will happily pay extra for such services. I genuinely think this would be a greatly received release for a ton of Skools.
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Did the roadmap change? I swear native video was next after the apps and now it feels like its not lol I had 2 skool accounts. I dropped to 1 and moved my other paid community until this is more concrete. I hope it happens.
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@Joshua St. Clair in short skools media aka photos and videos show up in a way that creates a disadvantage. The photos and videos show up on the side and dont show the whole thing. Which if people cant see the whole picture. Using loom and youtube to have to drop a link vs being able to upload my video is enough for me to move my paid group until this is fixed thats just me though. I will still have 1/2 accounts in skool. I was under the impression this was going to be done a while back. I think I misinterpreted the roadmap.
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