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Why I Use 2 Skool Communities (1 Free, 1 Paid)

We made $50,000 last month using 2 Skool communities but...

Do YOU need 2 communities? Maybe not. Let's find out:

I just made a video going into depth on why we decided to use 2 communities, and why it makes sense for us from a profit perspective using our client acquisition method, however...

Every business is unique...

So you should ask yourself:

• Am I using appointment setters? If so, 2 communities might be best.

• Do I want to treat my prospects differently than my paying clients? If so, 2 commun... See more

Cool video, I think I'll use 2 communities!

Cool video, I think I'll use 1 community.

Cool video, but I'm still not sure if I should use 1 or 2 communities...

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