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One of the great things about what we do is you can do it as an employee or go out and become your own company. Whilst the later comes with amazing benefits there are a lot of areas that need to be considers… Like - What does it take to set myself up as a business or do I just contract in. - If I am setting myself up as a business am I a sole trader.. registering by business - Defining your purpose and setting clear goals yearly, quarterly - Defining your target customers, products, services and financials. Whilst this is a passion space for a lot of us, you still need to understand your revenue needs. - Branding and marketing - What do you need to set yourself up… physically, technology - Contracts for engagements - How to build a pipeline, managing you customer base Making sure you get work life balance! Would be interested in hearing and learning from each other on what made sense for you and what you would like to share with the rest of the community…



Kerri Price
Murray Cowan
Sarah Bartley
Woojin Kim
Lindsay Macbeth
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    @Kerri Price Kerri, would love a copy of this please, my email is, thank you

Hi, I wanted to get the groups opinion on something. I feel, one of the hardest jobs in being a facilitator, is when you finish an inperson workshop, and then have to collect all the post its, and transcribe them onto Mural/Miro to share back to group. It takes forever, some handwriting can be hard to read, and the sentiment can be lost when the session is over. With this in mind, I have recently starting running my inperson workshops through Mural. I ask everyone to bring their laptop to the session, share the link to a whiteboard in mural and capture all post its that way. We still have all the very rich conversation around the table, but when session is over, I just do a bit of tidying on the Mural board and share the results. What are peoples thoughts on this?



Jakub Michalski
Göran Hielscher
Kara Van Malssen
Shannon Wagers
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Hey all, loving this forum so far, great to have a network of people to reach out to and seek advice from. I have recently introduced Team Canvas sessions to our organisation and the response has been excellent. My experience to date(circa 30 sessions) is with groups of 10 or less participants. However, later this week I am facilitating for a team of 24 people and I am looking for advice on how I might handle this. I ensure that my sessions are very inclusive and that everyone gets a voice through each section of the canvas, but with a group of 24, how can i do this and ensure that everyone remains engaged? Love so tip on this



Will Stammers
Tj Mackey
Joao Ribeiro
Martijn van Kesteren
Raymond Tilkens
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    @Joao Ribeiro Hey Joao, thanks for that. Unfortunately no co facilitator for the session, but how you have broken down the canvas sounds great. I also totally agree with your comment on the value of the canvas session itself, it is 100% about the process of filling it in and the valuable discussions that come from doing that

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    @Raymond Tilkens Thanks, Interested in hearing more about how you build in DeBono's Thinking Hats into the feedback piece, have you an example of how this would work?

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