Using whiteboard tool for in person sessions
Hi, I wanted to get the groups opinion on something. I feel, one of the hardest jobs in being a facilitator, is when you finish an inperson workshop, and then have to collect all the post its, and transcribe them onto Mural/Miro to share back to group. It takes forever, some handwriting can be hard to read, and the sentiment can be lost when the session is over. With this in mind, I have recently starting running my inperson workshops through Mural. I ask everyone to bring their laptop to the session, share the link to a whiteboard in mural and capture all post its that way. We still have all the very rich conversation around the table, but when session is over, I just do a bit of tidying on the Mural board and share the results. What are peoples thoughts on this?
Tj Mackey
Using whiteboard tool for in person sessions
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