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Workshop music for the easily overstimulated?
I understand the reasons behind using music in workshops. But as a person who is easily overstimulated by background noise, I am curious to know how this plays out in the workshop world for other sensitive people. It's a brain thing for me: In person, I have a hard time holding my part in a conversation when there is background music (or, worse, talk radio or TV or another conversation happening nearby). I can't listen to music while I work or I get too distracted. It's like my brain can't prioritize what it's hearing. For what it's worth, I don't have ADHD. I find myself zoning out when there is background music, or struggling to focus on what a speaker is saying (and yes, this is true for me with some of the AJ&Smart YouTube videos as well). I wonder if others have run into this, either as facilitators or with your workshop participants. I am open to using very low-level music during workshops, or specific parts of workshops, if I can find some that I can tolerate. I would love to hear your thoughts -- and your playlists, if you have curated anything specifically with this in mind.
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@Amanda Witman the Endel app might be something for you. It curates a series of melodies for various states like focus, sleep, energy boost, etc. Each melody can be tuned, allowing you to control the intensity. You can also play nature sounds like rain, waves, etc. The app also has a built in timer. It looks like they invest in a lot of research and science behind focus, relaxation and sleep. I’ve been enjoying the app a lot in the last month and planning to use it in future workshops.
‼️ Special Event: My Journey from Teacher to High-Paid Facilitator - Join me this Wednesday!
Hellllo Facilitators 👋 I have something exciting for you! This Wednesday, December 13th at 4pm-6pm CET, I'm hosting a special one-off event (if you don't want to read further, register for the event here). I'll be sharing my personal journey, telling you exactly how I went from being an overworked school teacher to a high-paid, confident Facilitator, in just 90-days! I very often get asked about how exactly I made this transformation, and in this free 2-hour training I'm going to share everything! Here's what you'll learn 👇 ⭐ My 90-day transformation: I'll share the exact steps I took to transition from a school teacher to a successful Facilitator in just 90 days. ⭐ The 3 key secrets to building a Facilitation career: I'll reveal the three critical things that made it possible for me to confidently make this huge career-change in such a short amount of time. ⭐ How to transform your career in 2024: I'll share why mastering Facilitation skills is a GAME-CHANGER for your career in 2024, regardless of whether you're in a job you love, or want to have a total career-change like I did. This session is more than just a personal story; it's a roadmap for anyone looking to make a significant career shift! This is a brand new training that I've never hosted before. It's your chance to get inspired, learn practical strategies, and see how Facilitation can transform your career in 2024! Click here to register. Can't wait to see you there 😍
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SALE ENDED: Our Black Friday Sale Starts NOW! 🎉🎉🎉
***PRESALE OFFER HAS ENDED - NEW OFFER NOW AVAILABLE (SEE PINNED POST)** Hey Workshoppers! Even though our official Black Friday sale starts this Wednesday, we're launching our "VIP Pre Sale" for everyone here in Facilitator Club and in our Newsletter. It starts RIGHT NOW with an extra 10% off the Black Friday price! To put it simply, on Wednesday, it'll be 10% more expensive for everyone else. If you've ever wanted to jump in on our Facilitation Course at its lowest price ever, here's the link. I made a little video down below explaining the deal.... that's all! Cheers, Jonathan P.S. I said it's only an extra 2% off in the Loom video... because I'm an idiot :)
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I love a good deal 😍
How do you layer in teaching with facilitating?
Quick context: I was a facilitator from 2015-2019. Both Google Venture Design Sprints and less codified workshops at an accelerator. I then moved into community consulting and have been doing it ever since. I want to move away from a retainer model and get back to facilitating, which is where I was most energized. I understand that various recipes can help my clients solve their community challenges; aligning the team, making a strategic launch plan, addressing engagement problems, etc. The main piece I can't work around is the education part. Facilitating is largely about guiding the conversation, but not giving the answers. A lot of clients, particularly those who want to launch a community, are missing a lot of fundamental knowledge and best practices. Community is new to them. If others have adjacent situations, I'd love to know: How do you solve this challenge in context of facilitation?
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Hey @April MacLean 🤗 I sometimes take my "facilitator hat" off and put on my "consultant hat" so we can move on smoothly with some parts of the workshop. I only do this when I can see the team is reallllllllly stuck, and I let them know that my role in the workshop has changed temporarily. It also depends on the exercises you're using in your workshops. I sometimes help with finding or providing examples of outstanding communities for lightning demos, for example – that helps with guiding the group and showing them how good communities work.
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@Rebecca Courtney ON IT 🤗
We (AJ&Smart) Went to the World's Craziest Sales Training! [VIDEO]
Hey hey! Want to see behind the scenes of a masssssive sales and marketing training in Florida? The whole AJ&Smart marketing and sales team went 2 weeks ago and it was mindblowing. The conference/training itself is called "Funnel Hacking Live" We all got VERY sick afterward but it was an amazing experience. This is a pretty experimental vlog type... quite long, kinda like a home movie, we honestly don't know if people will like the style, but I hope it's useful or fun to some of you! Cheers, J
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@Jonathan Courtney already got a ticket to the 2025 edition!!!! (And the virtual one next year!) so next one we’re doing together 😍
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