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Conflict w/other teams
Hi All. I’m doing a workshop next month with a high performing in tact team that wants to focus on how to deal conflict with other teams - in an emotionally intelligent way. I have some ideas but would LOVE to hear your ideas! The workshop will be 90-120 minutes with 7 ppl. Thank you! Jennie
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@Rebecca Courtney, would you recommend using a AJ & Smart recipe with this? I’d like to introduce 1-2 skills they can apply - but I’d also like them to come up with their own ideas. Have you ever blended LDJ with a training exercise? Thanks!
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@Yasin Bulat, they want to learn how to be assertive without being aggressive. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Q&A calls paused for a now
Hey Workshoppers! Happy new year!! After a good, long holiday break, the AJ&Smart team and I have decided to pause doing the weekly Q&A calls in this community. Though we LOOOOVE doing them and they've been super fun, we're just too small of a team to keep up the call schedule here and the more intense call schedule in our Workshopper Master community. Over the last few months we've slowly increased the amount of calls we do in that community (practice sessions, marketing sessions etc) and we've simply run out of people in AJ&Smart who are not already in coaching sessions or doing client work! We're going to now rethink how we can still bring some free "live" value to the FC community while also making sure we don't stretch ourselves too thin. We'll still be contributing and moderating this community though, so looking forward to continuing our chats here. Cheers, Jonathan
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I have LOVED the mentoring calls so I am so sad to hear this. Thank you for the time invested in the previous calls and imparting your wisdom to all of us. Much appreciated!
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May I offer one suggestion? Instead of pausing altogether, could you still offer the sessions on a less frequent basis (i.e. once/month or once/quarter)? This community is awesome and I'd love to see this continue in some way. Thank you for the consideration.
Team Charter Suggestions?
Hi FC! Does anyone have a helpful framework/approach to creating a team charter? I will be working with 2 small teams that make up a larger team and they want to define how they work together. Any templates, exercises, tips, etc. is greatly appreciated. I'd like to keep the session at about 1.5-2 hours. Thank you!
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@Salvatore Larosa, thank you for sharing so much detail w/ examples. You have the correct understanding of the situation. What I'm taking away from this is that it would be important to define how the 2 teams work together, in synergy, to accomplish the goals. I don't think they have current processes in place, but maybe that's what we discuss. Thanks again.
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Thank you, everyone for your recommendations. Here's what I decided to do based on your helpful suggestions: 1) pre-work with the existing functional groups to develop their own purpose statements prior to the workshop. They are small groups and I think this is a great 'forced collaboration' opportunity. 2) When we come together for the workshop, we will work together to combine both purpose statements into one statement for the new team 3) I plan to use the analogy of the house that Sam suggested with a few modifications: first we will discuss who lives in the house (strengths/weaknesses of team members + their needs), then move into the foundation of the house as the combined purpose statement (why do we exist), the supporting structure as goals for working together and values as the roof (and discuss behaviors we want to keep under the roof and what we want to stay out). We will see how it goes! Thanks again to this amazing group!
Forming Stage - Best Exercises
Hi All. I’m working with a new team (2 groups coming together + new leader). There are already issues around trust, ego (my way is better), work styles, etc. and the leader is at her wits end. What are some exercises/activities you’ve done to help the team get along and work better together? They already have done a work styles assessment (Insights). They are open to developing a team charter but I’m not sure if that’s the best first step. TIA! Jennie
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Icebreaker for 60+ people
Hi everyone. Does anyone have a FUN icebreaker to kick off a 2-day HR offsite with the entire team? I have 30 minutes. If possible, I’d like to tie in themes around collaboration. Thank you in advance for your ideas. Jennie
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@Julie McManus, thank you!
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These are all great - thank you!
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