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The Dark Side Of Facilitation: How To Manipulate And Influence Anyone Without Them Knowing It 👀
How to Use Dark Psychology to Become a Master Facilitator Have you ever wondered how some BIG TIME facilitators can get a group of people to do anything they want, without them even realizing it? How they can make a boring workshop seem fun and engaging, or a difficult decision seem easy and obvious? How they can influence the group’s mood, behavior, and outcomes with just a few words and gestures? Don't you think there's a bit of Psychology involved? You know... I'm a big fan of psychology, especially the dark side of it. I've used it many times in my copywriting and marketing career to persuade and influence thousands of people to buy what I sell... ...Facilitation - the art of guiding a group of people through a process, helping them achieve their goals, solve their problems, or learn something new. It's a skill that can make you a lot of money, respect, and admiration in any field or industry. But... it's also a skill that requires a lot of finesse, tact, and cunning... You see... NOT everyone in a group is cooperative, motivated, or open-minded. Some people are stubborn, resistant, or hostile. Some people have hidden agendas, ulterior motives, or personal grudges. And some people are just plain stupid. 😅 (from my experience) That's why you need to know how to use dark psychology to manipulate and influence them to do what you want... ...Dark psychology - the study of the darker aspects of human behavior, such as deception, manipulation, coercion, and persuasion. It's based on understanding and exploiting the weaknesses, biases, and emotions of human psychology. By using this dark psychology techniques, you can easily get people to TRUST you, follow you, agree with you, or do what you want. Here are some of the dark psychology techniques that every facilitator MUST know: 1. The Halo Effect. This is the tendency of people to judge someone based on their first impression, and then assume that everything else about them is consistent with that impression.
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@David Allen I definitely see your overall point and regarding framing, I think this post is an excellent example we could easily rewrite "dark psychology techniques" into "Tools to help positivity & collaboration" and give it a more positive spin. But that does not sound as exciting or like "forbidden knowledge"⚖️ Overall I find that as a facilitator there is a fine line to keep, we all want an outcome to be reached but at the same time, we should avoid trying to influence what the outcome actually is, after all, we have subject matter experts in the room for a reason. "Be the guide and not the hero" and all that 🧙‍♂️
Team workshop: Goal: everyone is important
Hy, I have to do a workshop for small groups of 5 participants. The goals of the exercise is to emphasize that every one in the company is important. We can not function if one role is out. Does anyone has a good exercise? Duration of workshop = 30 min
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Hi @Caroline Van de Venne! We could create an exercise focusing on this aspect "We can not function if one role is out." by having the participants rewrite sentences without common letters, (Example A E O) Is it possible to communicate " I have to catch an early flight tomorrow" without these? Probably, but it will be way harder than if all functions of the alphabet are available. My goal with this exercise would be to create an intrinsic feeling of how difficult it can be to have a system with missing parts/people.
Hej hej!
I just joined the Facilitator Club from Piteå, Northern Sweden. I've worked as a digital business developer at an IT company for the past 5 years running sprints and workshops, IR and remote, of all sorts. I look forward to learning more how other people work and growing my network in the workshopping community :) Event though I have been at this for a couple of years I still can feel really insecure sometimes of how to best go about picking the exercises to get the most out of a group in the best way. But there is no better feeling than when you get the group working, everyone is engaged and they see how much more they can get done in that setting than in a old fashioned meeting 🤩
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Hi Johanna! and warm Welcomes from Luleå👋
Thanks! That was super fun :) 😍
Hey all, Thanks to everyone who came to todays call, I really had fun and I hope you found it valuable :) Let's keep these calls going weekly!! Cheers, Jonathan P.S. for those who were specifically interested in working with me and my team on your facilitation career here's that link I shared
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Was great and valuable, had to pause the cooking a lot to take notes👨‍🍳 Looking forward to next week📅
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@Cat Licavoli Top Notes 😣Painpoint: Endless information sharing without making decisions 🕵️‍♂️Source to look up: Doctor appointment> Meeting 🤸‍♂️Exercise to steal: 15 min regular decision-making vs 15 minutes with facilitated structure. [nicknamed it contrast highlighter] 💬Quote: "People coming together is inefficient everywhere 👨‍🍳Food: Lasagna (we were having friends over later)
Paid ads? (Inspired by Hormozi $100M Leads)
After seeing the big discussion on the book launch event I will jump right to the topic as most of you seem caught up. (Link to ads part of the course: ) Have any of you used or considered using paid ads as a way to find facilitation clients/work? In that case, how have the results been? What worked and what did not? I'm currently planning to get into that game because in the best case, it will be very profitable and in the worst, I will learn an invaluable skill💸
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