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Difference between the coach and facilitator
Hello, fellow facilitators! I visited a friend who is a team coach and a question arose: What is the difference between a team coach and a facilitator? What do you think?
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@Reimo Rehkli Coaching can be for individuals or teams. I'll add this: In team coaching, each member has personal goals that align with the team's overall aim. For example, a coach might help a team improve their collaboration, with each member focusing on how they can contribute to better teamwork. For large groups, like Tony Robbins coaching an entire arena, he provides life guidance that resonates with many, even without knowing each person's specific goals.
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@Sam Donaldson maybe you should rewrite last paragraph. 😉
📍Where is everyone from?📍
Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!
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@Benedict Odjobo
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@Candice Morgan
LDJ Selling Points
Hello fellow facilitators! I'm trying to sell the idea of an LDJ to another department in my organization. How would you summarize the top five selling points? Generalized will work just fine. Thanks!
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@Jonathan Sharp, what’s the reason you would like to propose an LDJ workshop as a solution? From other department point of view: What is the problem? What is the objective? Do you have clear answers to that?
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@Jonathan Sharp without knowing the details, if I were you I would dig more and ask him: - Why does he think they need a workshop? - Why not do the things the same way they’ve done before? - Why now? Why not wait for couple of month? - What would solving X problem do for him and his team (beside give them the momentum)? - What is the desired outcome, not just the output? - What did they try before that didn’t work? Answers to all of these questions are your selling points. And yes, they are unique to each situation because workshops are just the vehicle to the desired result. Let us know hpw it goes 🙂
Facilitation in 30 seconds
Coming week I'm giving a keynote lecture in a conference (technical topic) and I will be speaking in front of about 150 people. The session chair would like to promote me and my new facilitation business when he calls me up on stage, and he asked for my suggestion. Also, in the audience will be representatives of MANY of my potential clients, both from my niche industry and group leaders from academia, with whom I can chitchat about my new facilitation business later. Most people in the audience never heard about facilitation, and as Russel Brunson says, they are still cold clients - they are either skeptic or they don't know that they need it. Any idea how to explain to clueless people, in 30 seconds, why facilitation is THE thing they miss in life? Any ideas are welcome :)
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@Anat Akiva, I like that you use the go-to statement. But what if you simplify it even more, like how you would explain it to a 10-year-old? That way, it won't feel too abstract. To better understand your audience, you can do even more research beforehand and work with the event organizer to learn their language. For example, I noticed that my target clients sometimes have negative feelings toward the word "workshop," so I don't use it. On the other hand, when they hear the word "facilitation" for the first time, I usually put it into the right context for them because they don't understand what it means. The bottom line is that when you're promoting yourself, focus on how the other person will benefit. Ask yourself, "What's in it for them?" If you can answer that it means you address their pain points and desires and connect them with yourself. And then you don't even need to use words such as "workshops" or "facilitation" because people will still understand that you are the person who can help them, which is your goal.
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@David Newman exactly! 30 seconds can fly by when you have to say something reasonable to a room full of strangers 🙂
#3 What's Your Favorite Tool?
Dear all, I would try to start a weekly board project in which each week a question would be posted and anyone is more than welcomed to leave your feedback below. Each feedback can be seen as a sub-topic that may drive curiosity, interaction, sharing and even help. Thanks for your support for previous ones and the following is the episode three and let's how it may flow. I would like to know what is your favorite tool for online collaborative workshop, as I realize there are many options and each facilitator may have his/her own preferences. Sometimes, a single tool works perfectly such as miro or figma, but when put together with Teams or other live conference app, the learning and working curve for audience may be much longer than expected, with issues and bugs going on from time to time. So what's your hack on that? Meanwhile, I am also curious about if there's an element of AI in your facilitation, when it comes to note-taking, summary, brainstorm or optimizing writing, etc.
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@Zhuo Zhang Here’s my facilitation tech stack… Remote facilitation: Butter, Miro Design consulting: Figma Remote training: Zoom, eCamm, Keynote In-person training: Pitch Pre-survey and Feedback: Typeform
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@Zhuo Zhang one thing Pitch has over Keynote is that with Pitch you can use other app while you’re in the “presentation mode” that Keynote just won’t allow you without closing Presentation view. E.g. you cannot use Spotify and Keynote while presenting during the training.
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