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Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!



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    @Yuwei Liu that sounds so awesome - all over the world - welcome!

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    @Yuwei Liu i like how it sounds - all over the world I am in Estonia - have you been here?

Hey, Workshoppers! Jonathan from AJ&Smart here! Almost every day, I receive multiple DMs and comments asking something along the lines of: "Where can we see an overview of what AJ&Smart actually does??" "What products/services do you offer clients?" "How can I/we work with AJ&Smart?" To answer this, I've decided to make a very lo-fi overview of our entire business model, our pricing, and most of the things we sell! So, if you've wondered what we do, out of either curiosity or because you're interested in working with us, then hopefully this is helpful! In a nutshell, we offer: - MOST PREMIUM: Consulting, Design Sprints, Strategy Sprints, Facilitation Training for teams, Running a company Hackathon/Keynote. This is only for larger companies. Prices range from $25k-$400k. (see more on our website) - MID-RANGE: Our Workshopper Master course & coaching program for Facilitators and Innovators who want to make a career out of Facilitation. Prices from $6k. (Learn more here) - FREE STUFF: This group, YouTube, all our books and social media channels. The video attached will tell you everything else you need to know, but above is a little summary! If you have any questions, or if I missed anything, lemme know! Cheers, Jonathan



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    Nice! I really love how you share everything. Really learning and big fan!

Hi everyone! I need your help and suggestions regarding which exercise I should use to facilitate a one-hour workshop. The problem we are aiming to solve is the organization of a specific menu topic on our website. We intend to create multi-level menu links, but we are unsure which links should be placed at each level. What makes this task a bit tricky is that the participants come from different departments, each with their own preferences and wishes. Do you have any suggestions? Would card sorting be a good approach, or is there something else you would recommend?



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Reimo Rehkli
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Teresa Middleton
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    @Claus Höfele totally agree, this workshop will be about how to handle egos and how to find the balance what users want, what we want to show and what law says that must be shown (just for explanation: it is university website Im talking about)

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    @David Rovira thank you, at first mostly this was my idea - but one of the participating departments insist they want to work together to create a menu

Keith here, from Portsmouth NH. Brand new to the group … and SO curious to learn more & meet some folks! … many years ago I used to work as an “outdoor educator” - and ran a ton of “facilitation workshops” with kids aged 10-17. Lots of problem solving games, team building challenges and the like. My office was the woods! After 15+ years in “Arts & Education” - I am shifting gears in the hopes of becoming a 1%-er 🙌🏽.



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Hi everyone! Do you use landing pages to sell your facilitation services? Would you be so kind and share them with us? What are your main selling points? Thank you in advance!



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    @Jakub Michalski thats great! can't wait to see all these amazing ideas.

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    @Jonathan Courtney that hits me like a dot on a post-it 😂 my browser history thinks its my own homepage

Hey all! We thought some of you might find it interesting to see the hard work and CHAOS that goes into running a large-scale virtual Facilitation training so we made a sort of "making of" Vlog! Let us know if you have any questions about our tech setup, we're happy to share!



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    That was a very good training webinar! Nice to see the setup and behind the scene vlog.

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    @Sebastian Velasquez 😂

Hello everybody! So happy to be here and looking forward to delving into the world of workshop facilitation alongside you all. Let's collaborate, learn, and enhance our skills together 🚀 feel free to drop a line here if you'd like to connect



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    Hello from Estonia! How are you all doing on this fine Club?

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