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Introduction Post
I started my journey in the ecom world years ago, I built up a toy brand, got into 3PL and eventually sold the company. I built the company using SEO to gain traction with insanely high profitability. I wanted to start my next venture, so I looked into SaaS. I had plenty of good ideas to build, and was always passionate about being a founder, but I failed over and over. I sat and thought what I could offer to the market that would be valuable, I decided to put my two means together, SEO and software. So I started an SEO agency, offering directly to SaaS companies. Now, I've began building my own no/low code SaaS (funny enough the saas is meant to be a solution to the SEO world). MVP is coming soon, and I'm excited to be apart of this community to get insights throughout my journey.
New comment Feb 2
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Adam - pls share your MVP when it's ready
I Don't Know
I've been doing engineering for over 10 years now, and if there is one thing that I am grateful for, it is how comfortable it has made me with the feeling of 'not knowing'. I've started so many projects without knowing all of the answers, that I completely trust I will figure things out along the way. Because no matter how much you plan, there are things that will arise during a project that you could have never anticipated beforehand. I'm working on a software right now that we are launching to beta users soon, and it has continuously been a learning experience. I have no exact plan for how we are going to do most of the stuff we want to do, but I look back at all the other problems I've figured out, and know that I will solve whatever is coming next. Maybe one day I will look back and think I was really crazy, but so far, I haven't been wrong yet.
New comment Aug '23
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A powerful wise share - jump in the river instead of over thinking.
Speak to your customers
The best founders learn from their users throughout the lifetime of their company. Ideas don't come from thin air - they come from speaking with customers. If you're in the development/launching stage - they come from speaking with future customers. Speak with your users, and build based on what you learn.
New comment Jul '23
2 likes • Jul '23
Great point Robert. I've also had some success by "inventing" cool stuff or features which customers never thought of or expressed a need for. These ideas typically came from solving pain points such as saving time, saving money or increasing revenue and/or profit. With that said, knowing your customers needs, wants, fears, etc is critically important!
Free Website Template (
I have received some complements on my website, and so I wanted to share a free template for it in this group: Webflow Template It's straight to the point, with no BS. Just write out your offer, plug in your VSL, change the links/testimonials, and call your website done. No need to spend time and money overthinking it. I was inspired by Sam Ovens on the design, and made some adjustments that I felt better suited my purposes. Whenever my offer evolves, this design makes it extremely easy to make changes. Feel free to copy it - I also have a SaaS Website Template that I made. If you're interested in that too, just let me know!
New comment Jul '23
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sure -
[MicroConf] 7 App Ideas
AI Summary: The video titled "7 App Ideas That Will Make a Developer VERY Wealthy This Year" by MicroConf presents seven innovative software as a service (SaaS) ideas that could potentially be lucrative for developers. Here's a summary of the video: 1. Competitor to Plaid or Yodlee: The video suggests creating a service similar to Plaid or Yodlee, which are platforms that connect fintech apps to banks. The existing services are reportedly difficult to use and often provide dirty data. The video suggests that a better version of these services could be highly successful. 2. Net Worth Tracker: The video proposes the creation of a net worth tracker that can automatically analyze a person's financial accounts and provide insights on their diversification across different portfolio drivers. The current solutions are not satisfactory and often require manual work. 3. Slide Generator from Prompts: The video suggests creating a service that can generate PowerPoint or Keynote slides from prompts. The existing solutions are not satisfactory, and the video suggests that a good solution could be highly successful. 4. Platform to Make HACCP Paperwork Easy: The video suggests creating a platform to simplify the paperwork associated with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), a system used in agriculture production. The current process is time-consuming and could be greatly improved with a good software solution. 5. Mobile App for Hiring Temp Workers: The video proposes creating a LinkedIn-like platform for temporary workers, such as construction workers. The current process of hiring temp workers is reportedly a nightmare, and a good solution could be highly successful. 6. Amazon Seller Utilities: The video suggests creating a comprehensive tool for Amazon sellers that can provide a wide range of services, including searching Amazon rankings, providing quick data, doing reverse ASIN searches, managing taxes and sales, and more. The existing solutions are reportedly not satisfactory.
New comment Jun '23
[MicroConf] 7 App Ideas
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Thanks for your share again Robert. You are making a nice effort with the group. There are so many ideas out there but creating a SaaS with consistently profitable growing revenue needs a lot more than an idea. You've got to develop something that people actually use and get legit value from, and have constant marketing and feedback loops. Thanks for the share!
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