I Don't Know

I've been doing engineering for over 10 years now, and if there is one thing that I am grateful for, it is how comfortable it has made me with the feeling of 'not knowing'.

I've started so many projects without knowing all of the answers, that I completely trust I will figure things out along the way.

Because no matter how much you plan, there are things that will arise during a project that you could have never anticipated beforehand.

I'm working on a software right now that we are launching to beta users soon, and it has continuously been a learning experience.

I have no exact plan for how we are going to do most of the stuff we want to do, but I look back at all the other problems I've figured out, and know that I will solve whatever is coming next.

Maybe one day I will look back and think I was really crazy, but so far, I haven't been wrong yet.


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