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We help Webflow Designers become WebApp Developers so that you can build SaaS without anyone else getting involved (and messing up your design).


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New members, new perspectives.
Our community has recently expanded to include new members from StateChange, including some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the low-code space. After a year of building this community, it is clear to me that true value lies in the quality of our members. Their insights will undoubtedly enrich our conversations and projects, as we aim to elevate our collective understanding and implementation of low-code solutions. As we welcome them, I also want to share a personal update. I will be heading to Mexico for my brother's wedding in a few hours. Though I'll be away from my desk, I'll still be responding to messages whenever possible! So, let's extend a warm welcome to our new members, and push the boundaries of what's possible with low-code tools!
Hi, I'm Daniel from Michigan
I'm truly excited to be here. I am a WWX Stack Developer who discovered the no code/low code space after burning out from a 24 year professional wrestling career that led me to Palo Alto and Stanford University where I coached wrestling for one season. After I retired from wrestling I moved into a campervan seeking to unwind one career and discover who I was without wrestling as an identity. I lived in a van in Marin County, CA (just outside of San Francisco) for two years. And during that time I started working as the first employee at a cannabis delivery startup. This is when I discovered no code tools (2017). I spent 3 years doing a little bit of everything while we scaled the business. But it was building on the web that grabbed my interest the most. Then in 2020 right before covid I launched a peer-to-peer camper van rental business in the SF Bay Area. We started with one van and grew it to 15 vans under management in two years. I did all of the digital and technical work. This is also when I discovered webflow and I migrated our booking website over from squarespace to webflow. While owning simple campers I explored the world of low code. Connecting tools like zapier, memberstack, airtable, and webflow together to make a client dashboard and internal booking management system. In the spring of 2023 I realized that it was building on the web and data management that I truly loved. So I sold my equity in the company and set out on the path to master the WWX Stack. Im here in this space to learn and build cool things with other people who share a similar passion for building on the web. I look forward to connecting with you all in the future.
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This is a great read. Wrestling is the definition of grit and probably the hardest sport in the world, really amazing that you coached it at Stanford. I would post a picture of my dog but it won't let me attach an image right now, is yours a Cane Corso? He/she is beautiful!
Custom Events in Wized & Webflow (The Hidden Wized Feature 🀫)
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This is very cool, it is really a HUGE feature that Wized has not mentioned really at all there. There is so much opportunity in that 'hidden' field.
Xano Beginner Guide
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Awesome resource, Xano opens the doors to solutions that alot of business want. Anyone who is interested in Low-Code should check out @Wized Dev 's content.
Build PWAs in Webflow using Wized πŸŽ‰βœ¨
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Liked and subscribed, this is awesome.
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