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How you do one thing, is how you do everything.
It's critical to recognize patterns in your behavior. For example, if you're inconsistent or disorganized in your personal life, it's likely reflected in your business. To make a change, start by conducting an honest audit of your life and habits. Identify areas where you lack commitment or consistency and tackle those. For instance, if you tend to start things but never finish them, practice becoming a "finisher" in everyday tasks. This could be as simple as finishing a glass of water or a workout before moving on. By adjusting how you do the small things, you can positively affect the bigger things in your life. The key to success is not just in what you do, but how you do it consistently over time.
A new Micro SaaS
I want to Build a Micro SaaS Website which has very low competition, the first result which comes on Google SERP is a DA 9 Tool website. And there are small websites which are relatively new and Don't focus on SEO Strategy but their UX are good and also montized by ads. Can I create a similar tool, create good SEO Strategy to get good returns. Note: the competitor is getting more than 6 Million Traffic on the single paged site What's your Opinion?
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Wix as a marketing site platform, recommend for non-SEO's building apps
I want to give some SEO insights from my expertise to all you folks, cause this is a great community. If you're looking for a hosting platform for your app, I've always been a Webflow guy, but I'd like to give a shoutout to Wix for one reason. Recently we started with a client that had no previous SEO experience at all, we got a little pipeline of 5 blog posts ready, published them all and within 1-2 days they were all indexed in insanely high positions. The reason for this was because of Wix's feature, that no other platform has that I know of. Essentially it has to do with Schema, Wix allows you to implement any type of Schema onto any page on your site, generates it all for you and everything. So I wrapped rich results and "BlogPage" schema around these posts, and holy smokes does that work well. Here are the results after literally 1-2 days in the screenshots. Ranked them #1 within a day even for one keyword.
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Tracking my days with No-Code
I think Sam Ovens the 🐐 mentioned this plenty of times in his videos "You can’t improve what you don’t measure." So I decided to measure "my life" daily as an experiment. For this, I built a journaling automation where I: 1. Speak about my day daily (voice note) 2. Provide an overall rating (1-10) 3. Have AI summarize my entry in bullets 4. Have AI rate my emotional state, productivity & challenge level based on the entry 5. Visualize my entries on a Google sheet. All of this is automated - I just need to speak about my day. (I used Google Sheets, iOS Shortcuts, Make & ChatGPT - all no-code) This data is already fascinating to me. But the best part is that since I store everything in a sheet, I can have it all summarized and visualized on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis too. The automation itself is fairly simple. You can see the setup on the screenshot. I will create a guide on how to set this up on my YT if you are interested. What are you guys measuring outside your business?
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How I use AI to speed up low-code development
I made a quick Loom to share something you might find interesting. I have been building this tool for myself and got some positive feedback from people. I think this could potentially make development for low-code projects easier, if I can improve on the concept of this. If you want to try
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