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Hi, I’m Sahil from Austin
Hi, I’m an experienced Software Engineer and looking to explore no-code with others that are excited about it too. I think no-code is the future for many different types of software. Excited to interact with others in here on how & what they’re able/trying to build!
New comment Feb 21
0 likes • Feb 20
Hi Sahil, welcome! I am also from Austin area. Are you building any side no code micro-saas?
0 likes • Feb 21
Yes indeed Sahil, let us know when you do! Personally I'm working on a no code tool right now that helps SEO agencies, MVP should be ready in the next month or so, I'm really taking it slow with building it.
A new Micro SaaS
I want to Build a Micro SaaS Website which has very low competition, the first result which comes on Google SERP is a DA 9 Tool website. And there are small websites which are relatively new and Don't focus on SEO Strategy but their UX are good and also montized by ads. Can I create a similar tool, create good SEO Strategy to get good returns. Note: the competitor is getting more than 6 Million Traffic on the single paged site What's your Opinion?
New comment Feb 20
0 likes • Feb 20
Hey Ilias, I'm working on an SEO tool. Are you still looking for a golden idea you want to be apart of, or do you have that already?
Wix as a marketing site platform, recommend for non-SEO's building apps
I want to give some SEO insights from my expertise to all you folks, cause this is a great community. If you're looking for a hosting platform for your app, I've always been a Webflow guy, but I'd like to give a shoutout to Wix for one reason. Recently we started with a client that had no previous SEO experience at all, we got a little pipeline of 5 blog posts ready, published them all and within 1-2 days they were all indexed in insanely high positions. The reason for this was because of Wix's feature, that no other platform has that I know of. Essentially it has to do with Schema, Wix allows you to implement any type of Schema onto any page on your site, generates it all for you and everything. So I wrapped rich results and "BlogPage" schema around these posts, and holy smokes does that work well. Here are the results after literally 1-2 days in the screenshots. Ranked them #1 within a day even for one keyword.
New comment Feb 17
1 like • Feb 17
To add context, I still think Webflow is superior, especially for adding connections to no-code apps to create things like free generators, calculators (programmatic SEO stuff). When I launch my no-code SaaS I'll be using Webflow for that reason exactly, it's entire purpose is to leverage a free generator embedded right on the marketing site (possible with Webflow) using SEO.
Introduction Post
I started my journey in the ecom world years ago, I built up a toy brand, got into 3PL and eventually sold the company. I built the company using SEO to gain traction with insanely high profitability. I wanted to start my next venture, so I looked into SaaS. I had plenty of good ideas to build, and was always passionate about being a founder, but I failed over and over. I sat and thought what I could offer to the market that would be valuable, I decided to put my two means together, SEO and software. So I started an SEO agency, offering directly to SaaS companies. Now, I've began building my own no/low code SaaS (funny enough the saas is meant to be a solution to the SEO world). MVP is coming soon, and I'm excited to be apart of this community to get insights throughout my journey.
New comment Feb 2
1 like • Jan 30
great thanks!
0 likes • Feb 2
Will do @Russ Schneider Probably 2-3 more weeks
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Adam Hamdan
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Founder of an SEO agency for B2B and software companies. Currently building a B2B software company, for SEO agencies, using SEO tactics. Ironic.

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