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Hi, I’m Sahil from Austin
Hi, I’m an experienced Software Engineer and looking to explore no-code with others that are excited about it too. I think no-code is the future for many different types of software. Excited to interact with others in here on how & what they’re able/trying to build!
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Hey Everyone 👋
I'm Abdullah and I'm running a digital marketing agency and now I have made a digital design agency where I offer unlimited designs using membership 😊
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Hey Everyone, Bubble Expert here
Hello, I'm Vitor, an experienced Bubble developer based in Brazil. Glad to find this community! Bubble Pro tip: Paste the following code in an HTML element inside your Bubble app to refresh your page automatically whenever you make any change while developing: <script> $(document).ready(function(){ var interval = setInterval(function () { var isVisible = $('.bad-revision').is(':visible'); if (isVisible == true) { clearInterval(interval); $('.bad-revision').click(); } },1000); }); </script>
Designer ready for higher-value(d) skills
Hi, guys! Glad to have come across this group! My long and arduous journey in design has brought me to no-code and micro SaaS building. Especially since most businesses only see design as a very small if not negligible expense item compared to sales or development and even social media presence. So I'm here to level-up and see where my design practice can become a strategic advantage (and help anyone here) in the 2020's era of commerce when paired with other high-value (or higher-valued) skills.
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Hey there. I am Haris.
I am learning bubble a no code application builder. I am new to coding and honestly I don't have any idea about coding. I started to learn bubble last month. I also learned a bit of coding. Took an HTML course from youtube and now I have the understanding of it but still don't know how to create and use it. I joined this community to improve my knowledge and find help when I needed.
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