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Hi all, I'm an SEO Strategist facing Google on a daily basis for my clients and happy to be here! I recently wanted to see how Google would treat AI content, setup a test site, utilized a custom coded AI software and grew a test site to 500+ traffic in a little over 30 days. Happy to share that case study if people are interested but otherwise happy to collaborate here on SAAS, a topic near and dear to my heart as the founder of Conversion Blitz :)



Robert Boulos
Louis Lakatos
New comment May 2

Hi, Just joined the group because I liked the idea presented in Wetube. I’m a mix between a fullstack marketer (10 years of experience) and fullstack developer (not as good as a developer than I am a marketer, but decent enough). I’m currently the co-founder and CMO of, a bootstrapped SaaS startup targeting short term rental owners (our main market is the French market, but we’ll expand to the English market this year). We’re currently doing around 1M€ of ARR and we want to double that in 2023. Glad to be part of the group. 😊



Robert Boulos
Gaëtan Bertuit
Russ Schneider
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I'd like to know more about all of you in this group. What are your goals? What are the challenges you're facing? Do you see SaaS as a solution to them? Or is SaaS itself the goal, and the challenge is getting it made? Or maybe it's something else entirely? Feel free share your thoughts and questions - like the candle from 'Beauty and the Beast', I live to serve.



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