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YouTube AI ChapterBot With (full tutorial)
This is a FULL tutorial, nothing is left out! But if you do want easy access to the Airtable base and Make blueprints, join the No-Code Architects. 27 spots left at $80 /month (lock in for life). In this video I'll show you how to fully automate your YouTube video chapters. From scratch. We'll set up the Make automation to download the transcript, analyze with AI (Claude) to extract the chapters, and then finally update the YouTube description. 100% automatically! The is a full tutorial end to end! I show everything in the video. It uses OCodeKit which is pretty cool and allows you to use code in your automations. We'll learn more about this as we go. If code intimidates you, no worries, this code was written by ChatGPT!
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YouTube AI ChapterBot With (full tutorial)
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good solution to a common problem!
No-code Rebels Community Logo—Feedback Requested 🙏
Do you like the logo? ChatGPT made it for me.
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No-code Rebels Community Logo—Feedback Requested 🙏
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avoid the fist image.
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Sent you a DM
💰 Keeping Things Simple Makes You More Money
Automations and complex funnels can be cool but they can also be a huge time suck and provide ZERO value (a.k.a 💰) to your business. They can also keep you from building something of value or even launching anything at all. The best automations and funnels come from doing all the steps manually, and only automating them once they are proven and profitable. Everyone wants to skip the steps that actually provide you all the customer insights and knowledge you need to build that fancy funnel. A good example: I launched KEDB on a Notion page, with a Loom video and a payment link to Stripe. There was no automation at all. Part of me hated that (the engineer in me), but I probably generated well over $75K just on that notion page. Instead of giving into the urge to do everything in some funnel software, and automating things that weren't yet proven—I spent most of my time getting that Notion page in front of people, 1 person at a time. Answering their questions, helping them make the choice to buy it. The hardest part was staying focused on getting people to see it and NOT automating anything or trying to build out a typical funnel that everyone shows you. Hope that helps.
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Simpler is better.
❌ My Thoughts On The TikTok Ban
First, I'd say always keep yourself nimble and be ready to go wherever the attention is. Life will always move along and we'll need to adapt. I think its a better mindset just to stay there and do what you need to do, when you need to do it. Changes in the system always bring new opportunities as well. But, getting more specific, even if its banned it will likely be sold to a US company. At that point it'll likely remain nearly the same. That's how I'm thinking about it. If you have any insights or thoughts drop them in the comments below!
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@Diane Cooley I remember reading the first time when business practices started changing. I saw so many colleagues being left behind and complaining about it. The message is still valid today.
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@Savannah Leona ... TikTok is just a platform for Outreach. Don't spend all your time and effort there. Think about where your perfect clients might be, besides TikTok. That's diversification. Have a plan if you lost TikTok on Monday morning. That's being agile. Perhaps I'm just overthinking your questions, or not thinking hard enough. If so, help me understand what you're looking for.
Thumbnail Feedback? 🙏
I wish I asked for more feedback but I'm afraid what people will say (yes me too). But this Sunday is an important YouTube video so I wanted to ask you and get your opinion. Which one do you like better, any feedback?
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Thumbnail Feedback? 🙏
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Doesn’t answer: is this for me?
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