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Create a new spreadsheet for each event?
Let's say there's a new event coming up and you start sending invites. I understand you could have some columns next to your list of instagram accounts you're sending invites to. You could update if they've confirmed, reconfirmed, etc. But.. How do you stay organized for the different events? Do you just erase this after the event has happened? Do you guys create a new spreadsheet for every new event? Curious about the organization and tracking of this. Any insights are highly appreciated!
New comment Dec '23
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@John Lander you can, but you ALWAYS have to think about the value they're getting. "The chance to be in my presence" only starts to come into play at the bottom of the funnel
3 likes • Dec '23
@Jordan Woods make a copy of this. It has dropdowns for all the categories I care about and the Instagram column is also set to highlight in green any duplicate names.
Big Events Vs. Container Events?
Curious guys, so I know there are bigger events like Mansion photoshoots or Babes In Toyland, etc. and we'll invite lots of models/influencers. But there's also container events like axe throwing, bowling, game night in an apartment, etc. What I'm thinking is we use the bigger events to get initial rapport and then use the container events to invite the one's you met from bigger events as they're more 'intimate' for lack of a better word. Is this a good type of social circle funnel? Or do you guys have other views? Curious.. Also, with the container events, i guess we send out invites a bit more 'last minute' with a lot less confirming and reconfirming of invites?
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@John Lander I think it could be either. If it were me I would only make it top-of-funnel if it were a VIP box, area, or experience. Otherwise it's more of a "friend" outing so I would do lower-mid or bottom of funnel.
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@Garrett Barry yes that's what I do
How to keep track of open threads on IG?
When sending invites, I understand we message people on our spreadsheet list. However, as responses start coming in, you get open threads, and even people confirm, how do you keep track of this? I'm finding that I lose track of this and don't have a good process to keep track. Any tips is very appreciated!
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I use the spreadsheet. I added a column with a checkbox, and every time I open a thread I check it off. If I'm in a club or at a party opening a thread, I screenshot it and check it off on my list later that night or the next morning. If my VA is sending out mass invites, I scroll through my DMs looking for that rare opened thread that didn't start a conversation. Remember, "Seen" is an opened thread. I've trained my VA to look for open threads if there's a huge stack of messages to sift through, but it's often quicker for me to just do it myself. It's not easy, which is annoying because worthwhile things REALLY should be easy. In all seriousness, though, that list of open threads is MAGIC.
Female Friends
Just been doing outreach on Bumble and in real life. My lead magnet is offering a meal at the place where I work. Money is tight and especially online I want to make sure the girl is real and not psycho. With Bumble one girl got pissy about splitting the bill....I'm not dating lmao. But does this make me look bad/cheap? If I meet a girl IRL I need to enhance my IG and then exchange socials, I frankly don't like using bumble and don't want to pay the premium add ons. In real life it's been a split of girls think I'm asking them out on a date. A couple others have been down. I'm putting myself out there. I'm not 100% relying on cold approach to get dates. Would rather get warm leads and then close them. PS I do have a couple warm leads where I work. I don't want to stick with one girl for the rest of my life ideally. PPS I'm kind of talking outloud. I think I know what I need to do next if I want to start dating more girls and eventually hotter ones.
New comment Apr '23
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@Zachery Moy on Bumble Dating or on Bumble BFF?
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@Zachery Moy most MOA guys think it's a waste of time — that the girls aren't hot enough, it's not scalable, and if a hot girl is on there, there's someting "wrong" with her. I don't necessarily agree — I and some others use it for dates, in parallel with my more MOA-focused activities. Yes, on average you won't find the hottest of the hot girls on there, but you WILL find some hot ones. But it IS time-consuming, and MOA is all about time leverage. There are girls on Tinder and Bumble who include their IGs on their profiles — often as a funnel to their OF — and whether I match with them or not, if I can confirm that they are local I WILL collect their IG for my list. Also, if I go on a first date with a girl and it doesn't go beyond the first date (i.e. she only wants a one-night stand, or there's just no sexual chemistry or I just don't close her), I will also add her to my list. She might not want a second date, but she might still say yes to a value-giving event like a photoshoot or theme party.
Fear of getting cheated on and how to deal with it
Hey guys! Curently being intimate with a beautiful girl and I really like her a lot. The only problem at the time when we startet she had a boyfriend and felt bad bacouse of cheating but still went on with me. On saturday she broke up with him and now she is single but still texts him and is emotionaly attached to him. She has a history and she is not proud of it that she always did it like that she found one other dude who she fell for and slowly broke up with the other. So this is probaly going to happen to me if we dont get married etc. I am having a hard coming to terms becouse of my fear of getting played like she played her boyfriend for the last 2 months becouse of it. Should i just enjoy till it lasts or should i not go with it. I do really like her and I am a bit obssesed. I wrote to my other girls that we were friends with benefits so i get some sex also with other girls so I get some abundace but still the problem is there and would need or really like some words from you more experienced guys. This is the first time i am thinking about a relationship in 10 years. Curently 28 yo. Thank you guys. Really love everything Michael and the course did for me. 10/10 would recommend.
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It's also important to fuck her good and fuck her often. NEVER underestimate the power of being the good dick in her life. Like I mentioned above, my cheater girlfriend told me she almost cheated on me because she had a high sex drive, and while she loved sex with me, I wasn't doing it often enough. She wanted it every night. A more loyal woman will accept longer spells between sexual encounters, but she still won't wait forever. If you're not sure if you're good in bed, that HAS to be fixed if you don't want to be cheated on. Many guys can't possibly conceptualize this, but when you're THAT MAN in her life, fucking her will eventually start to feel like work. It's a good problem to have, but it's still work. If you're wise, you will fuck her even when you don't feel like it, just to keep her on the reservation. Listen to Andrew Tate talk about sex sometime. He's had so much sex that it's practically like drinking water or pissing for him — just exercising a biological impulse. When he was running four cam girls at a time, he mainly fucked them to maintain their loyalty and keep them on the reservation working for him. Sometimes he had to fuck them all in one day and was exhausted and frustrated by the whole process ... but he did it because he didn't want them straying.
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@Deleted "It's YOUR fault I cheated on you! You made me do it. So basically, YOU cheated on you!"
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