Female Friends
Just been doing outreach on Bumble and in real life. My lead magnet is offering a meal at the place where I work. Money is tight and especially online I want to make sure the girl is real and not psycho.
With Bumble one girl got pissy about splitting the bill....I'm not dating lmao. But does this make me look bad/cheap? If I meet a girl IRL I need to enhance my IG and then exchange socials, I frankly don't like using bumble and don't want to pay the premium add ons.
In real life it's been a split of girls think I'm asking them out on a date. A couple others have been down.
I'm putting myself out there. I'm not 100% relying on cold approach to get dates. Would rather get warm leads and then close them.
I do have a couple warm leads where I work. I don't want to stick with one girl for the rest of my life ideally.
I'm kind of talking outloud. I think I know what I need to do next if I want to start dating more girls and eventually hotter ones.
Zachery Moy
Female Friends
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