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Access Vegas ft Rollo Tomassi is happening in 18 hours
Anyone in San Fransisco or LA beginning of July?
Travelling to the Bay Area for work July 7th for a week? Anyone around or any advice for spots to go for nice photos.
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Denied access
Have any of you guys been denied access to taking pictures in a hotel? I saw a nice hotel to take pictures in Shreveport, Louisiana called the Remington Suite. I tried to take some pictures and said it HAD to be professional and to pay $75(couldn’t be with my iPhone). Struggling to find areas to show “scarce resources “ when I was told my last one was ghetto and basically live in a ghetto area.
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Pictures for IG Review
I hired a photographer to take some pictures of me. The pictures are good but they are not enough background although I did pick good background locations. I did show MOA examples to the Photographer but he still took them too close up and missed a lot of the background despite be telling him what I want. I'll likely just use these for dating apps Anyway would love to hear you guys feedback on if any of these are IG worthy. I'm planning another one will be 100% more strict on capturing location, not so much me
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Women you can't message because you have sent invites
I have some women I can't seem to message because I have sent them two invites/messages and IG says I can't send them more messages until they accept. Is there any way around this?
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Bay Area List (San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose)
Anyone have a Bay Area list they've curated that I can steal off ya?
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