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How To Instantly Find High Status Events In Your City
Ok so you may be struggling to find high status events in your city. You want to find these so you can invite the contacts from the list you built to get open threads with them on Instagram.. ..but maybe you don't know how to find good events in your specific city. I found out a very simple way to do it and the best part is it's instant and automated. Step 1. Go to ChatGPT. Step 2. Type this in: "These events for models and influencers are in Las Vegas: - Maxim party - Babes in Toyland - Wet Republic Bikini Competition - Swimsuit USA - Paradise Challenge Find me other similar events in (Your City)." Step 3. If you have the updated version, it will search on Bing and give you a list of events. I had this issue for a while and I really think this method can work pretty well. Hopefully it helps.
New comment Jan 19
Does Preselection only work on certain type of women?
So I know preselection is based on the Mate Copying idea and they've done tons of studies on it. however, I've noticed that some women who were showing very good indicators of interest in person, went cold and even unfollowed after connecting on Instagram. On Instagram I have a few posts with women. Does preselection work better on a certain type like the very attractive influencers or women who go out a lot? Also, I'm in Latin America and I don't know if maybe women are more jealous here in general? Have you guys noticed this? Just wondering your experiences or thoughts
New comment Dec '23
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@Eli Hollingsworth I appreciate this man. Could you give an example of how to subtly show preselection without going overboard?
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@Ben Newcomb that's a good point
How to close from social circle?
Coming from the PUA mindset, I would go for contact details and work to setup a date. However.. With throwing events, I'm confused as to how to actually close from our social circle/events. If you do an event and you like a woman, do you set up a date with her a few days after? Or I've heard about doing like a smaller event after the main event with less people but then how do you actually escalate if everyone is in your house? This has been confusing for me as to how this actually happens. Any insights would be appreciated.
New comment Dec '23
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@Vittorio Oratore yeah that's what i'm wondering also
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@Jordan Woods sounds like a good plan
Recommendations on finding good black t-shirts?
I have noticed a lot of guys wearing just a black t-shirt when going out, including Michael Sartain. I like this as it seems minimal and easy. However I've bought some in the past and they ended up shrinking or the material wasn't high quality, didn't fit well etc. Does anyone have any stores or recommendations to find some of these? As well as how to ensure they fit well and will stay fitting well after purchasing?
New comment Feb 4
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@Brian Price thanks man!
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@Jorge Jara Ah awesome, thank you
What is a 'loomi/lumi" light for selfie videos?
Heard Michael Sartain say he likes to use this when doing selfie videos with his phone but don't know what these are... Anyone have any info on these? And also possibly where to get them?
New comment Dec '23
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