Fear of getting cheated on and how to deal with it
Hey guys!
Curently being intimate with a beautiful girl and I really like her a lot. The only problem at the time when we startet she had a boyfriend and felt bad bacouse of cheating but still went on with me. On saturday she broke up with him and now she is single but still texts him and is emotionaly attached to him.
She has a history and she is not proud of it that she always did it like that she found one other dude who she fell for and slowly broke up with the other.
So this is probaly going to happen to me if we dont get married etc. I am having a hard coming to terms becouse of my fear of getting played like she played her boyfriend for the last 2 months becouse of it.
Should i just enjoy till it lasts or should i not go with it. I do really like her and I am a bit obssesed. I wrote to my other girls that we were friends with benefits so i get some sex also with other girls so I get some abundace but still the problem is there and would need or really like some words from you more experienced guys. This is the first time i am thinking about a relationship in 10 years. Curently 28 yo.
Thank you guys. Really love everything Michael and the course did for me. 10/10 would recommend.
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Fear of getting cheated on and how to deal with it
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