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Connect, learn & earn β€” co-create an environment that supports & celebrates women's unique paths in entrepreneurship. πŸ“© Help:


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Is a Sub-Community the Key to Unlocking More Memberships?
reaching out because I really want to hear from people in here who have strategically built multiple communities to drive revenue and engagement. After nine solid months of running Community Empire, we've identified the need to better engage smaller groups within our larger community. We've noticed that some members show up but don't fully engage and often churn. And we hate churn. To address this, we're experimenting with targeted sub-communities, starting with Women of Empire (see the landing page for info). This new space is built by some of our members to help connect like-minded women entrepreneurs, fostering conversations and connections that cater to their unique experiences, backgrounds, goals, and mindsets. Our hypothesis is that creating this dedicated space will enhance the overall Community Empire experience and provide valuable insights for our community-building efforts (and more revenue). Anyone here try this? What did you learn? What worked or didn't? Thanks!! ~ Patrick
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@Jt K thank youuuuuu
Free Skool as a Community Magnet
Using your skool as a community magnet. We profiled @Mariah Coz inside Community Empire as her work with the Creator Party --> Monetize funnel is a piece of art. Community magnets are the future - leave those "free PDFs" and "exclusive playbooks" behind. They are as valuable to your audience as all the PDFs you have downloaded and ready regularly (right?). Part of the ACP funnel created by @Greg Isenberg, the community magnet is the off-ramp from social networks for your audience. This is your dedicated space to DO WITH your community, and to DO WITHIN your community. No more algorithm games. Straight alpha. Real people. This is literally the lowest-hanging fruit out there, and people are clamoring to be connected. Bonus points, you have their contact information and you have a one-on-one channel with your people. Enjoy this walkthrough on how you can use skool to as your community magnet.
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Free Skool as a Community Magnet
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Not enough attention to the long-term games we all need to play @Mariah Coz ... keep innovating!
Can't Add Member to Course
Community Empire has two courses gated to level two. I know it's a low bar, but if I wanted to add someone to the course, I'm not able to via the drop-down. Is there a way to bypass the level requirement for a member on their membership page or am I missing something? Thank you so much.
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Lifetime membership vs monthly membership (my Experience)
Friends, I would like to respond to a post by @Kaal Raam (thx bro) that dealt with the topic of memberships and I would like to share a valuable experience. A few months ago I offered a lifetime membership as part of a promotion (our payment went through an external provider, as many people in Germany don't use credit cards). The result was great. Lots of buyers and at first it seemed like a success. In doing so, you really deprive yourself of a lot of opportunities and also commit yourself to leading this community (yourself) forever. I wouldn't recommend this anymore. An alternative would be an annual membership. But I would only offer this to someone if you see in the member area that someone has canceled Almost as a downsell My tip: focus on the monthly membership. I now have 7 paid communities and these are my experiences. Please let me know if we have a different perspective on this. Calvin
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I've avoided lifetime like the plague after promising that early on. I still have people who paid for a product in 2012 asking me for updates today. I don't even make it any more but the creator's idea of lifetime (this program/product) doesn't always match the customers (I am not dead yet, where is my product). :)
πŸ”₯ Build with a Little Help from Giants
Lots of great energy here and I know a lot of people are building. You've decided to throw your hat in the ring for the games. You're not just here to participate; you're here to dominate, maybe even win that once-in-a-lifetime chance to hang out a true legend. Anytime I start a journey like this, I make sure to never start from zero. Building here in school should be no different even though it's new. Here's a quick list of some great resources you can use to build quickly and effectively inside skool. Best of luck!! - Skool Templates from Greg Isenberg: Get them here. Greg is building Community Empire here with almost 300 members, and he's (as usual) dialed in on the set up and mechanics. - 1k Course by Mariah Coz: Get it here. Mariah runs Creator Party and combines energy with lots of content around each component (think posts + course + podcast); great for those of you looking for the details. - Build Communities Video with Pat Flynn: Watch on YouTube. Zooming out there, but this community approach is key. Why build a one-and-done thing when with a few tweaks you could have legit MRR? These are the key topics.
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πŸ”₯ Build with a Little Help from Giants
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They just called it the reverse funnel for those of you who listen to the MFM podcast.
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Here's that link to the pod, right around the 54:00 mark...
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