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Jamil Lila
Oakland, CA β€’ ENTP
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Bio: I like investing in mission-driven saas founders, being outside in nature, writing words that inspire change, and cooking insanely delicious food.
Adam Wilson
Vancouver, BC β€’ INFJ
β€’ Active 7h ago
Bio: Designer, founder, & chef. 5X founder, 3X seller. Founder mentor @ TechStars, UC Berkeley, & Pivotal Ventures.
Celia Marie DeCancio
β€’ Active 12d ago
Bio: here to shake things up founder | disrupter | marathoner | ops
Sarah Rothenberg
β€’ Active 1d ago
Bio: Building products and communities to help founders start and scale their companies, and using technology and education to superpower connection.
Susanne Devlin
Edinburgh / London β€’ INFP
β€’ Active 9h ago
Bio: Hey, I'm Susanne! Background is in new product/service development, currently building a community for designers working in enterprise.
Crystal S
San Antonio, Texas β€’ ENFJ
β€’ Active 1d ago
Bio: Entrepreneur
Roofi Shaikh
Milwaukee β€’ ISTJ
β€’ Active 4d ago
Bio: Wanna be Ghostwriter for Generative AI for business optimization.
Ife Shoola
β€’ Active 11h ago
Bio: Test
Kay Miller
β€’ Active 2d ago
Bio: Uncopyable Sales and Marketing
Claire Carlin
β€’ Active 28d ago
Bio: πŸ‘‹ Hi, I'm Claire, a LinkedIn content writer and strategist for life coaches. I'm a Christian believer, foodie, fitness enthusiast and nature lover!
Well Tre
β€’ Online now
Bio: Mauri Ora!
Brandi Larkin
β€’ Active 8d ago
Bio: Building a Community of 'WHOs' | Obsessed with Experience | Recovering Perfectionist | Aspiring Doodler
Nancy Konopinsky
β€’ Active 9d ago
Bio: Driving results with SMB's through Strategy, Operations & People | Creating Order From Chaos | Passionate about kindness, authenticity, and fun.
Karolyne Hahn
β€’ Online now
Bio: ⚑️I help you integrate AI into your service-based business, so you can make more money, while doing less. Free tips β†’
Lauren Gibson
Jacksonville, Florida β€’ INTJ
β€’ Active 3d ago
Bio: Writing daily on LinkedIn about the Future of Work. Prev: web3 startup tech, ai, fintech, ESL teacher.
D'Ann Palomarez
β€’ Active 24d ago
Bio: I am here to learn and to give back when I can.
William Gojo
β€’ Active 1d ago
Bio: Personal Development | Digital Nomad | Founder @BestYummyTravel
Mell Gao
β€’ Active 27d ago
Bio: product manager by day, explorer by night
Christian Gambardella
Berlin, Germany
β€’ Active 1h ago
Bio: Software developer who is curious about marketing
Shivani Berry
β€’ Active 36d ago
Bio: CEO & Founder of Arise Leadership, online leadership programs to help women move into management.
Laura Crouse
β€’ Active 10h ago
Bio: πŸ’° Teach β€œno-code” GenXers how to earn leveraging AI πŸ‘» I ghostwrite Educational Email Courses πŸŽ–οΈ Marketing since analog
Latifa Mak
β€’ Active 10d ago
Bio: Building School of Wor(k)ship: a Membership Community for Female Muslim Entrepreneurs. #WORKSHIP 🌱
Marielle Dagassan
β€’ Active 8d ago
Bio: Former Wall Street Analyst teaching women how to invest the right way. Love all things investing, fashion, spirituality, health, & lifelong learning.
Phoebe Blair
β€’ Active 16d ago
Bio: Senior Content Executive and Copywriter
Allison Winston
Northern California
β€’ Active 36d ago
Bio: Building something new for mothers.
Jessica Bond
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA β€’ INFP
β€’ Active 23d ago
Bio: In the business of being me β€” from entrepreneur and investor to reading intuitive tarot for the curious soul.
Liz James
β€’ Active 4d ago
Bio: Love online communities and working on a few new ones...
Stephanie Hayes
Squamish BC β€’ ENTJ
β€’ Active 20h ago
Bio: Business strategist and organizational designer, innovation strategy. Serial entrepreneur - software, education & coaching, service-based businesses.
Josh Chretien
Toronto + Tokyo (50/50) β€’ INFJ
β€’ Active 15d ago
Bio: Prev: Technical Writer @ Binance.US. Current: Run & Freelance - Writing/Marketing/PR. Idea junky. Late bloomer. Digital nomadISH.
Steve Miller
Seattle, WA USA
β€’ Online now
Bio: Kelly’s Dad. Author of 10 books, including Amazon #1 Uncopyable: How to Create an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition. Want a free copy? Just ask.
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Patrick McCrann
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