Free Skool as a Community Magnet
Using your skool as a community magnet. We profiled inside Community Empire as her work with the Creator Party --> Monetize funnel is a piece of art.
Community magnets are the future - leave those "free PDFs" and "exclusive playbooks" behind. They are as valuable to your audience as all the PDFs you have downloaded and ready regularly (right?).
Part of the ACP funnel created by , the community magnet is the off-ramp from social networks for your audience. This is your dedicated space to DO WITH your community, and to DO WITHIN your community.
No more algorithm games.
Straight alpha.
Real people.
Bonus points, you have their contact information and you have a one-on-one channel with your people.
Enjoy this walkthrough on how you can use skool to as your community magnet.
Patrick McCrann
Free Skool as a Community Magnet
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