Is a Sub-Community the Key to Unlocking More Memberships?
reaching out because I really want to hear from people in here who have strategically built multiple communities to drive revenue and engagement.
After nine solid months of running Community Empire, we've identified the need to better engage smaller groups within our larger community.
We've noticed that some members show up but don't fully engage and often churn. And we hate churn.
To address this, we're experimenting with targeted sub-communities, starting with Women of Empire (see the landing page for info).
This new space is built by some of our members to help connect like-minded women entrepreneurs, fostering conversations and connections that cater to their unique experiences, backgrounds, goals, and mindsets.
Our hypothesis is that creating this dedicated space will enhance the overall Community Empire experience and provide valuable insights for our community-building efforts (and more revenue).
Anyone here try this? What did you learn? What worked or didn't?
~ Patrick
Patrick McCrann
Is a Sub-Community the Key to Unlocking More Memberships?
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