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🏆 NEW FREE COURSE! Your First 1KⓇ Mini-Course
Many years ago, I created a course called "Your First 1KⓇ" all about launching your first small product and list-building. In 2024, building an audience and creating your own products has shifted. Today, we're focused on growing our own communities and creating recurring revenue. So I thought, what's the "Your First 1KⓇ" of the new era? ➡️ Get 1,000 free members into your group ➡️ Reach $1,000/month in recurring revenue from a subscription product I pulled together the basics to get started, and I'm gifting it to you as a free mini-course! 🎉 Get started with the Your First 1KⓇ Mini-Course HERE! I'm making this mini-course free for a limited time, so jump in and get started This mini-course even includes a few hand-picked lessons straight from my premium, paid Monetize program - so you can get a sense of what you'll be doing with us inside the Monetize community + curriculum. In this mini-course, you will make some core decisions about your business: - Choose your business model (one-time purchase products or subscriptions) - Choose a pricing strategy that makes sense for your audience size and goals - Choose a profitable product that you'll enjoy delivering, and your customers will love - How to structure a successful subscription offer - How to get your first 1,000 free members - How to reach your first $1,000/month in recurring revenue 🎉 Get started with the Your First 1KⓇ Mini-Course HERE! Let me know your #1 takeaway below! 👇 (*this is NOT any of the same curriculum as the original Your First 1KⓇ course - this is a simple way to get started with creating a free group or a paid subscription type offer. Even if you've experienced the original Your First 1KⓇ, you will want to check this out for some fresh ideas!)
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🎉 Start Here: Welcome to Creator Party!
Hello and a very warm welcome to the premiere destination for Creators monetizing their online businesses through Content, Community and Courses! This is the place to talk about all things content creation, community growth, online courses, creative digital products, sales and marketing, and all the “real life” stuff that comes along with being a full-time online course and content creator. Mariah and the team host virtual events, workshops, and exclusive fun stuff in here to help you grow your content creator brand and creative course businesses! ➡️ How To Earn Points, Level Up, and Unlock Premium Content: When you post a win, a question, or a value bomb, you earn points when someone likes your post and/or comments. The more you engage with this group (posting, commenting, sharing, liking, etc), you gain more points, level up and are rewarded with premium content, courses, templates and more! As you level up, the rewards become more valuable. You can see the rewards for each level in the Classroom, here.  Start climbing the leaderboard, where our top contributors will win surprises too! 🏆 You can give value and level up by answering people’s questions, sharing interesting strategies or tools that are working well for you right now (not self-promotion!), and starting thought-provoking discussions. ➡️ How To Invite Friends To Join Do you know other creators who want to be part of the club? Just go to Settings > Invite > and grab your unique link. You can share your unique invite link with your email list, social media followers and audience. The more the merrier! We sometimes have special surprise gifts for those who refer the most new members. ➡️ Check out the “Search” bar at the top of the group The search function in this group will help you navigate the goldmine of content within this community. Use it to search for topics you’re interested in like “mindset”, “evergreen”, or “launching”. You can also check out our “Best Of” in the Start Here course, where we curate and save the most valuable posts in the community.
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⭐ Monetize With Mariah x Skool Bundle is open!
​Monetize With Mariah is officially open - and you can join us here!​ Me and Skool have teamed up to create this new experience for creators who are monetizing through community, content, courses and digital products, with a focus on recurring revenue. Monetize is just $99/month (it's a subscription, so you can cancel anytime, but I know once you're inside you will want to stay!). It includes a Skool software account for free as long as you're a member. (Skool is normally $99/month on it's own, so this is just a no-brainer). ✅ What's included: - My new course, "Monetize" (new content), templates and resources - Bonuses like Champagne Client Content Kit, Map Your Model, Fearless CEO Mindset Course and more - Q&A Private Podcast - members can submit questions & topics, the private feed already has over 50+ episodes with more added regularly - Private community for members - A *FREE* Skool software subscription account is included in your membership (usually $99/month, but you get it included!) ​Monetize With Mariah is open - join us here! ➡️ Please ask your questions about MONETIZE in the comments below ❤️ Huge thank you to our partner and sponsor Skool for making this bundle possible!
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New here + Ask Me Anything (Digital Product Creation)
Hello everyone, I'm new to this community and look forward to engaging with all of you. I work in digital product creation and am happy to answer any questions or share experiences. Feel free to share your experiences or bottlenecks here, and expect answers/shared experiance! I'm happy to answer all your questions, if I can help, i.e. on the following topics and more: -Idea generation for digital product offers (and testing them) -Market research -Content creation (value video creation, scripting, graphic design) -Landing pages & hosting -Sell before build strategy -Market research and target audience analysis -Pre-launching -Development and design -Marketing and sales -Scaling and growth -Best tools for everything (in my experience) -Platforms depending on purpose (my take on it) Feel free to ask me your questions in the comments or send me a private message. Cheers, Peter
Squarespace Vs ShowIt: Which website platform do you prefer and why?
I’m currently on Squarespace and was wondering about switching over to ShowIt because I heard it’s better for SEO. What do you prefer and why?
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