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Hello and a very warm welcome to the premiere destination for Creators monetizing their online businesses through Content, Community and Courses! This is the place to talk about all things content creation, community growth, online courses, creative digital products, sales and marketing, and all the “real life” stuff that comes along with being a full-time online course and content creator. Mariah and the team host virtual events, workshops, and exclusive fun stuff in here to help you grow your content creator brand and creative course businesses! ➡️ How To Earn Points, Level Up, and Unlock Premium Content: When you post a win, a question, or a value bomb, you earn points when someone likes your post and/or comments. The more you engage with this group (posting, commenting, sharing, liking, etc), you gain more points, level up and are rewarded with premium content, courses, templates and more! As you level up, the rewards become more valuable. You can see the rewards for each level in the Classroom, here.  Start climbing the leaderboard, where our top contributors will win surprises too! 🏆 You can give value and level up by answering people’s questions, sharing interesting strategies or tools that are working well for you right now (not self-promotion!), and starting thought-provoking discussions. ➡️ How To Invite Friends To Join Do you know other creators who want to be part of the club? Just go to Settings > Invite > and grab your unique link. You can share your unique invite link with your email list, social media followers and audience. The more the merrier! We sometimes have special surprise gifts for those who refer the most new members. ➡️ Check out the “Search” bar at the top of the group The search function in this group will help you navigate the goldmine of content within this community. Use it to search for topics you’re interested in like “mindset”, “evergreen”, or “launching”. You can also check out our “Best Of” in the Start Here course, where we curate and save the most valuable posts in the community.
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🎉 Start Here: Welcome to Creator Party!
I'm done playing small (new era loading...) 💎
I’m so done playing small 😅 I recorded this video about a month ago, in real time as I was experiencing a huge mindset shift coming off of our 6-figure all-async launch. That launch was a catalyst for me in every way. 🎧 You can also listen to this as an episode on the Mariah Coz Show podcast! Realizing I had been playing small and downplaying my expertise, I made the decision to start selling more of my offers more often, making more of my offers available in new ways, and getting visible after a year of being "behind the scenes” (I talk about why in the video). ❤️ That was just about a month ago, when I decided things were about to shift. I made big decisions and took massive action. Created 3 new products and set up 3 new funnels in 2 weeks. Invested in an ads team to start ads again. Invested in new branding and video shoots. The results of shifting this mindset that led to me taking all that action…well the last 10 days since launching these new offers, new funnels, and new ads have been 😱 (I’ll share all the details soon!) It’s wild listening to this a month after recording it and seeing the results we’re having now from taking all this action. SO powerful! Like a “before and after” happening right before my eyes. In this video: ➡️ The impact my health has had on my visibility the last year ➡️ Owning my expertise, accomplishments, brilliance, and impact ➡️ What you can expect from me going forward (New offers! Tons of emails! Selling every day!) ➡️ Modeling for you how to be selling every day in a way that truly feels high value and impactful ➡️ Making investments in ads, branding, photo and video, and more ➡️ Tactical tools that helped me get back into this energy and get out of my funk Make sure you’re on my email list for big announcements coming this week: I cannot wait for you to see what’s coming next!
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I'm done playing small (new era loading...) 💎
Help ? New or Old
I’m a wedding planner of 14 years . At year 5 I started coaching planners in years 1-3 of their careers . I did group coaching , one on one , speaker presentations and then it simply became exhausting. I’m now in a different season in life and excited to put some new offers into the world for fellow wedding industry creatives . My question is do I weave this into my existing social platforms where I also market and connect with my couples or do you recommend starting new community and socials just for marketing to wedding industry creatives
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Best Time to post on Instagram
A Marketing company analyzed 30,000 Instagram posts.... To figure out the best times to post on Instagram. Here are some other best times you can post: Monday - 11:00 AM / 12:00 PM / 1:00 PM Tuesday - 8:00 AM / 9:00 AM / 10:00 AM Wednesday - 9:00 AM / 10:00 AM / 11:00 AM Thursday - 11:00 AM / 12:00 PM / 1:00 PM Friday - 2:00 PM / 3:00 PM / 4:00 PM Saturday - 8:00 AM / 9:00 AM / 10:00 AM Sunday - 6:00 PM / 7:00 PM / 8:00 PM Ps - It's US Pacific time, so when you post content, you convert it according to your time zone.
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Avoiding Charge Backs for a Course?
Hi all - I've heard when you have courses, there are people who will pay for them and then a week or so later, will do a charge back and say it was fraudulent, even when it wasn't. Is the way to get around this, having a box they must tick at the cart when they are purchasing? So you have a way to avoid this happening and you can show proof? Or does it even override this? Would love to know what people do in this case. TYSM! 🙏☀️
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