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I Found My Wife Via Synthesizing (before the term even existed)
Here's how I did it: 1. I finished my first year of uni with good grades 2. Wrote a short e-book on «how to pass exams effortlesly» 3. Shared it with pretty female applicants 4. Added a link to my profile at the end of the e-book 5. Organized a social game event for fresmmen (mostly freshwomen) 6. Shared the event on my social media 7. Played the game accompanied by smart and beautiful young ladies 8. Picked the one That's it, folks. I solved my own problem, shared the solution and «monetized» the audience. Feel free to use this strategy instead of using Tinder or following red/blackpill advice.
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Literally my advice to my son. Build an audience based on stuff in total alignment with his life goals and then just pick from a large pool of applicants.
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@Fedor Favorsky it also saves a lot of time that can be focused on improving the "product."
How to make money (without being an expert)
Credibility-hack. Leverage the credibility of others through close association. When I got started on YouTube I was a spotty, uneducated, teenager. I had zero credibility. So I procrastinated on making content for ages. "Why would anyone want to listen to me?" So I borrowed the credibility Stoicism to start uploading videos: (sort by oldest). I was never claiming I was an expert. I was saying "Marcus Aurelius was an expert, and here's what he said." It worked! I started growing my audience. It's worth noting you can credibility hack in many ways. Leverage science (like Rian Doris), leverage celebrities (like Jeff Bezos Vs Elon Musk's morning routine), or really anything else that has credibility. Then I realised that I had overcome my procrastination around uploading videos, so now I had some credibility around that topic. "I used to procrastinate, now I don't, here's how I did it." I went from borrowing other's credibility to having a bit of my own. I started being the 'productivity guy' Launched a flagship digital product. Made $1M in 2 years. So... if you don't have credibility... Credibility-hack!
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This is one of my favorite hacks!
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@Andrew Kirby You talk about it all the time!
13d ago 
my new nickname lol
@Goose Dunlavey + @Jeffrey Buoncristiano have assigned me a new nickname lol
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Go with you if we want to live?
Synthesizer Branding Looking Fresh!
I'm lovin' it - the sleek new expansive brain icon, the fresh cover picture, the updated description: "Create content. Make money. Educate earth. Join the Synthesizer Movement." The old version was fine, but the fresh coat of paint really livens the place up. It really goes to show how this is a constantly evolving game. I really appreciate the consistency of the message - give value and know that it will come back to you. Synthesizing is here to stay.
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And it was more of a joke as I have outlined my wildly speculative reasoning
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@Fedor Favorsky After Andrew's newest video, i'm still keeping an open mind haha.
why i QUIT my $1M business, and got a 9-5 job
Life update time... I quit my 7-figure business, and got a 9-5 job. This video explains the 4 reasons why.
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I love how you gave all those reasons when all you needed to do was post this pic haha
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