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Turning Pro Group: like-minded people embracing the professional mindset & practices inspired by Steven Pressfield with accountability systems.


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$15 Per Hour Butcher → $4M Per Year Business Owner
@Justin Georgopoulos is a 26-year-old entrepreneur who runs a hugely successful painting business and the Trade Launch Skool Community. In this episode, we talk about: - Pretending he knew how to debone a chicken to get a job - The mythical movie moment of meeting his mentor - Selling over $500k in paint jobs without knowing how to paint - (Or having any painters on payroll!) - The power of viewing your struggles in the context of a story - Hiring his roommates and friends to keep up the pace of his business - Having his work van stolen… thrice! - A nifty door-to-door closing technique you can use online - How he built up demand for his community pre-launch - Learning to chew faster after biting off more than you can chew! - And how Skool allows you to profit from your pain and previous business problems Check it out! Justin's Skool:
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I actually think a Skool for butchering would be amazing!
One of the great things about these being the relative early years of Skool is all the seriously cool custom URLs up for grabs. Once you're ready and are 100% sure what you want (because you can only do this once) you can email Skool Help to confirm availability and hopefully grab your ideal extension to go after ''. So far, I've snaffled the words 'writing' and, as of today, 'metal'. 🔥🤘💀 Love the simplicity and brevity of these. They can so appear in an Instagram reel or YT video and be easily remembered. There's no need for link in bio when URLs are this short. So which custom URL word(s) are you happy to have claimed for your own group, thereby ensuring that future Skool community owners curse your name?
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100% agree. Reward for being early.
BiG Shoutout to Mike Morales for Incredible Engagement
@Mike Morales You are an animal!! Or a racecar!! OR a racecar with leopard legs !!! Your engagement this week is OFF THE CHARTS
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I've tried to operate under the assumption that the corpus of my posting work would be audited and evaluated for whether or not, on the whole, I'm a good, contributing member that brings value to the group. The only strategy I had was to try to be first and helpful. People don't read everything. I like setting my filter to new post and if there's a problem I could solve or somewhat substantive encouragement I could give, I'd do it. There are faster ways or rising to the top and getting point but all of those are discoverable (whether on the front end or the back end) and I don't want that tarnishing my reputation. And my goal hasn't been to get the most points or to be in the top. I wanted level 7 and I wanted to "play" with the platform to have first-hand knowledge of the member user experience. By nature, I am curious, conversational, socratic, and like solving problems so if I comment multiple times in a thread, it is by-and-large spontaneous. Although, early on I used to make longer posts or edit my posts to try to include everything but then I decided to break them up IF the conversation was going to move in that direction. It does have the benefit of the opportunity for more points but it also makes it more conversational and readable. I devoted an irresponsible and unsustainable amount of time the past few weeks but now I'm scaling back (and, I'll note, there are more prolific posters than me). I want to focus on starting up and running a group now.
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@Faro Zacarías haha wow, I should ask you what the key is ;)
Anyone else watching this (pic below) 👇
Anyone else noticing how fast this community is growing & how many new communities are being started every day. It’s nuts. I stumbled across a thread that @Mike Morales posted a couple of weeks ago about Skool passing the 1 million member mark. @Sam Ovens quickly jumped in and confessed that the number of Skool memberships blew past 1 mil a while ago now. Which ultimately means more adoption, more users, more word of mouth and more new community members for everyone in here 🙌 I know there are several other good platforms where people can build communities, but there’s something about Skool that’s just different. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s just a feeling I get being here. Anyone else get this?
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Each new member added to this group (Skool community) represents a new group created. Each new group created represents potentially hundreds or thousands of members added to the platform in the near future. So the rising number for this group is a kind of heuristic for the stochastic exponentual growth of the platform.
Steal my guide - How points work in the leaderboard guide!
I just created a little guide for my group for Job Seekers and thought I would share for those working on building out their group. Hope this little guide for Understanding the Leaderboard is helpful! Welcome to the "Understanding Skool Points and Leaderboard" module! In this module, you will learn how Skool points work and how you can level up in the leaderboard. By actively engaging with the community, you'll unlock exciting rewards and opportunities to enhance your experience. Lesson 1: Points System - Points Earned: You earn points when other members like your posts or comments. Each like equals 1 point. - Encouraging Quality Content: The points system encourages users to produce quality content and interact with other members, fostering a vibrant and engaging community. Lesson 2: Levels - Leveling Up: As you accumulate points, you'll level up in the leaderboard. - Visible Progress: Your current level is displayed at the bottom right of your avatar. The number of points required to reach the next level is indicated under your avatar on your profile page. Level Progression: 1. Level 1 - Newcomer: 0 points 2. Level 2 - Contributor: 5 points 3. Level 3 - Engager: 20 points 4. Level 4 - Influencer: 65 points 5. Level 5 - Connector: 155 points 6. Level 6 - Leader: 515 points 7. Level 7 - Visionary: 2,015 points 8. Level 8 - Trailblazer: 8,015 points 9. Level 9 - Skool Master: 33,015 points Congratulations on completing the "Understanding Skool Points and Leaderboard" module! By actively participating in the community and earning points, you're not only leveling up in the leaderboard but also contributing to the overall success and vibrancy of our community. Keep engaging, sharing valuable insights, and leveling up to unlock exciting rewards and opportunities I have now made an additional guide that goes into more detail for the 7-30-and alltime leaderboards and such. I will include the link to the google drive doc here. Feel free to copy and use in your group as well.
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@Sarah Montana I don't think so. Some is covered in the classroom, some is covered in the help knowledge base, and some you just have to search for but you also might want to use google with a search operator
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@Robert Yang it has been discontinued
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