One of the great things about these being the relative early years of Skool is all the seriously cool custom URLs up for grabs.
Once you're ready and are 100% sure what you want (because you can only do this once) you can email Skool Help to confirm availability and hopefully grab your ideal extension to go after ''.
So far, I've snaffled the words 'writing' and, as of today, 'metal'. πŸ”₯πŸ€˜πŸ’€
Love the simplicity and brevity of these.
They can so appear in an Instagram reel or YT video and be easily remembered.
There's no need for link in bio when URLs are this short.
So which custom URL word(s) are you happy to have claimed for your own group, thereby ensuring that future Skool community owners curse your name?
Jason Arnopp
Public group
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