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3rd World Country Customers
Anyone here with 3rd world country customers? For example, the clients I want to help have extreme lack of access to regular internet and electronic banking. They use Western Union regularly to get cash and pay for most services. Just asking seems pretty obvious that Skool or any other electronic online platform is most likely not the best way to educate this population. Does anyone have any experience or insight into some options for this population?
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3rd World Country Customers
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@Elina Solaita just being a realist here - it's going to be tough to contact them if they don't have internet . . . a lot of people have good phones though with internet even if they don't have a computer but if they are western union only - it's going to be really hard unless you travel and go boots on the ground!!
Calendar Events
I watched the 1-day videos. And they all said that events are a big deal for their community and is great for retention. The problem is, Im still very young, I donโ€™t want to get on camera in my community. I donโ€™t think theyโ€™ll take me seriously anymore. So is there a way to do like a Q&A over messages? And if there is, would that provide close to the same value as doing live recorded events?
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@Andrew Brame you can definitely do print q and a I did it for years and most of my coaching is print except for a weekly live call but it's not necessary
Deciding which boat to row in
Another offer idea I help sleep deprived entrepreneurial dads with small kids consistently get over 90% sleep score on their wearable in 30 days without sacrificing their social life What do you think of this? My previous one was I help full time doctors who are aspiring online creators achieve 10 hours of deep work per week without caffeine so that they can make their first 1k$ online Advantage of doctor entrepreneur I know it so well I am one. Advantage of entrepreneurial dads. More of an authority figure as only doctor. Oooh man I think Iโ€™m getting close to deciding which boat to start rowing in but still big decision to make!
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Deciding which boat to row in
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@Dr Thomas Webb just put it out there and get the views and see what converts having said that, I would make it language that's more benefit driven most folks have no clue what a 90% sleep score is so they check out I don't know what a wearable is either but split test, don't take my word but something simpler, like this: I help sleep deprived entrepreneurial dads with small kids consistently get deep sleep and wake up rested without sacrificing their social life I might even eliminate 'with small kids"
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@Jade Jemma OMG!!!!
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@Jade Jemma hard work pays off! especially when it doesn't feel like hard work!
I have watched the videos and the schooling, but I am still at a loss for ideas about content. I have some passion, some pain, and profession. I just feel I donโ€™t excel in any certain area or have anything to offer. I donโ€™t know what to do. Any advise would be helpful.
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@Jonathan Snyder if you could do anything with anyone for a weekend, what would it be? Sean
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