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I'm writing every day now + here's a blog post people liked
It feels good to write every day, I just wanted to celebrate posting 9 days in a row to Medium! Also, I'd be really happy if anyone wanted to read and give me some feedback on what I've written. Cheers, fellow synthesizers :)
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Sep '23 
What is discipline?
I've asked a lot of people and every time, the answer I get is "doing something important even if you don't feel like it". However, That feels way too vague. In the first place, We "eat" regardless of how we feel. We "drink water" regardless of how we feel. We went to school, regardless of how we felt. and there's a lot more that we do regardless of how we feel. Then the question arises, Is it truly a "lack of discipline" or is a "lack of emphasis/importance" and a "surplus of choices/wants"? Why would you not do that work, regardless of how you felt, if that was your only choice? This isn't to say discipline is BS, It is absolutely necessary when it comes to saying "no" to something even if it's tempting. However, We tend to overestimate the importance of discipline. The reason you aren't able to consistently make videos or consistently read books may not be because you lack discipline, it might be because you lack accountability along with the realization that "sacrifice is important" These are simply some of my contemplation, Let me know what You guys think of it.
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I like to think of discipline in the sense it originally was in latin, discipline comes from the word "discipulus," meaning the learner, the disciple. The one who's learning his craft does whatever it takes to make it happen, so I see discipline as an uncompromising pursuit.
The Truth About Building A Cult Like Audience
Hey guys this post is going to be straight to the point. As an observer of content creators for the past 12 years, I have always wondered what is the balance between Growth Strategies vs. Providing Real Value while also creating a cult-like loyal following. It became really clear to me this answer after a lot of thinking and contemplation. ~ Here Are The Main Points: ~ - Value (Content) should always be the first objective when creating any form of content and the growth strategies should revolve around that Example: Thumbnails, Music, Editing, Collaborations ETC... - As an educational content creator, the worst thing you can do is make a video that's basically a copy of what everyone else is doing in the market. Content like this entails very shallow explanations of topics you're speaking about leaving out all the meat and not giving enough info to the audience to actually be able to implement - Using tactics and retention strategies to compensate for the lack of value you're providing and instead, you're focusing on the entertainment aspect of things rather than informational. - Thinking that short-form content is a strong way to build a loyal audience when in reality having an audience that can sit through your 45-minute video creates strong loyal fans because they invested more time into you There are so many other points I can hit on but these stood out the most to me so far. If you agree send me a ''DM'' I would love to talk in detail about these topics and how we can help each other grow a strong loyal audience and not just focus on popularity.
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I agree in principle, although what I saw happen sometimes is that people make long content without actually having enough relevant things to say. Like Alex Hormozi says, Quality beats quantity, but a lot of quality content wins.
Curating my news and social media consumption made me happier and more productive
Curating my social media feeds changed my life. I stopped consuming mainstream news entirely, and now only follow 20 people who inspire me and share my vision. The sources of information we trust shape who we become, and by limiting ourselves to following only those who share our vision, your life can instantly get easier and more productive. I feel the common self-help phrase "you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with" is changing in the age of smartphones and the internet into "the 20 people you trust and consume the most content from online," which is something Andrew Kirby mentioned too. Surround yourself with positive influences rather than being consumed by negative news and social media. I hope you found this little snippet helpful. As always I’d love to know what you think and if you want to read the entire blog post and see the 20 people I follow on Twitter it’s here -
Make your offer and sell like Alex Hormozi (Article synthesis)
The first article i wrote about Alex was not only a tremendous ride, since it was the most researched topic I ever did, but it also gave me my first taste of the path to financial freedom Andrew Kirby has been inspiring me to follow by making me 200$ online so far. Now I made a follow up blog post where I synthesized how Alex makes offers and closes clients. I hope it proves helpful to you guys and I would love some feedback on it! Knowing these offer-making systems might come very handy once I release my eBook, too.
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