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Ask yourself this question, and you'll stop getting distracted, and start focusing on fundamentals. Very valuable. Feel free to comment answers!



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    The ability to adapt your strategy is soo so key I think. A lot of people outworked Andrew Kirby and are still poor as shit, probably will be for the rest of their life but guess what, he's financially free. First one must find what the market wants by experimenting by doing, then get more and more leverage. I wrote for three months, released 20+ articles but in total I'm not sure they have even 1500 views, the same amount one article I made just now got in two days on a different subject ...

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    @Andrew Kirby Thanks for the heads up, started reading now!

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    This article might be helpful to you who just like me are planning on building a tight audience! https://medium.com/@jonathanmichaelson/conquer-by-becoming-the-top-supplier-for-one-thing-1b1499a32263

🎉 WTF! Two THOUSAND Synthesizers 🎉 The post I made for 1,000 synthesizers introduced the severe Disjointed Knowledge Problem. And how the Synthesizer Revolution is here to fix it. But I've never fully discussed why I'm MADLY in love with Synthesizing. Put simply, I love Synthesizing because it's the best thing I know at giving me what I want. Impact, income, and fun. . We're all playing the Great Online Game. In this game there are many characters you can play. - YouTuber - Consultant - Agency Owner - Influencer - Coach - Dropshipper - Entrepreneur Each character has strengths, each has weaknesses. But there's one that I believe is the best... You see, in any game there's a META. In everything I do, I enjoy finding the META more than I enjoy playing the game! (See first image). And if you’re optimising for impact, income, and fun… Then the current META is being a Synthesizer. Here’s why: --- WHY SYNTHESIZING MAKES THE MOST IMPACT Humans are desiring machines. "I want to be rich." "I want my back to stop hurting." "I want a pony." We are constantly trying to move from Where We Are Now to Where We Want To Go. We call the things that hold us back ‘Problems’. . Impact is created by helping people solve their Problems. And... you guessed it... That's EXACTLY what Synthesizers do. Therefore making massive impact. They privately solve their own problems, then publicly share the solutions. . And there's one word in the above sentence that separates the Synthesizer from other characters like the entrepreneur, consultant, or agency owner. PUBLICLY share solutions. Other characters solve problems. But only for a hefty fee. Synthesizers leverage free content to impact millions.



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I wrote an article consisting of 1000 quotes, the best ones I could find. Yeah, I went through a lot of quotes for this one and have no life https://medium.com/@jonathanmichaelson/1000-deliberately-chosen-audacious-quotes-that-will-make-you-stand-taller-552c009eab2



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Haaaiii! Just wanted to share that I made my first $ online by writing! 🤯 Hope I'll see more of you achieving this goal too! Good Luck!



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Andrew Kirby
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    Nice! Congrats, I just started getting about 1$ a month for my writing too

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    @Modern Eremite I write articles on Medium. They pay you through their partner program based on the reading time your stories get

Link. A simple reminder of the value of audience building. Keep working.



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Andrew played a large part in inspiring me to create, but he also introduced me to Mr. Beast. This guy is totally nuts but I love him! I obsessed over him for three or four days now and wrote an article synthesizing what I took from it. Hope you like it https://medium.com/@jonathanmichaelson/i-spent-the-last-3-days-studying-mr-beast-c14c1cae10b0



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