What is discipline?
I've asked a lot of people and every time, the answer I get is "doing something important even if you don't feel like it". However, That feels way too vague.
In the first place, We "eat" regardless of how we feel. We "drink water" regardless of how we feel. We went to school, regardless of how we felt. and there's a lot more that we do regardless of how we feel.
Then the question arises, Is it truly a "lack of discipline" or is a "lack of emphasis/importance" and a "surplus of choices/wants"? Why would you not do that work, regardless of how you felt, if that was your only choice?
This isn't to say discipline is BS, It is absolutely necessary when it comes to saying "no" to something even if it's tempting. However, We tend to overestimate the importance of discipline. The reason you aren't able to consistently make videos or consistently read books may not be because you lack discipline, it might be because you lack accountability along with the realization that "sacrifice is important"
These are simply some of my contemplation, Let me know what You guys think of it.
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