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The Fast Track To 1 Million Subscribers:
How do some creators seemingly just blow up out of nowhere and start getting millions of views and subscribers over night? Well it’s pretty simple actually. They’re using a 4-Step-Framework in their videos and I go into depth on how they’re doing it. Check it out out below ⬇️ ~
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Youtube shorts vs Instagram vs TikTok
Hello all, If you want to grow an audience does anyone have a preference on what grows fastest. YT shorts vs Instagram vs TikTok? Or do many of you post the same or similar content on all of them? My son loves to mountain bike. We started a channel that is just of some trails he is riding so others can view them and decide if they want to ride or take their kids on as well. He is 7 and I did this to help teach him basic video editing he wanted to learn. However he wants to grow his channel now and I want to help him. We are thinking about starting to add reviews of bikes and gear and stuff like that that is geared toward families that like to ride as well. Currently we just post videos on YT and pics/shorts on Instagram but looking to expand to grow (basically b/c that was what I knew how to do and is easy to teach him). Just wanting to grow and learn about content creation now so I can learn and teach the kiddo's as well. Any advice or help would be great. Thanks.
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Yes don't follow the platform rules meaning don't try to match the format on a single platform which will allow you to stand out when you distribute the content across all social channels without looking like you just recycled it from another platform. Makes sense?
I Lied On My Last Post & You Fell For It‼️
~ For those who have been following my content advice in this community you probably saw my last post that shows you how to essentially make any viewer glued to your content in 3 pretty simple steps. This was one of my top performing posts and got a huge surge of engagement and positive feedback across all the platforms I posted it on. Here’s where I lied… Not a single word from the advice I posted was mine and was completed generated from Chat GPT! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?! I did this to show everyone how powerful A.I. models are especially if you know how to use it properly. So for the past 7 years I have been able to get creators over 8 Million followers combined & accumulated over 1.3 Billion views by showing them the correct strategies and systems to scale their content. One of these systems is using AI to systemize and scale all your content effectively. In my next post I will show you exactly everything you need to master AI LITERALLY EVERYTHING I'm not holding back. So make sure to follow me and stay up to do!
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@Rens van Daalen lets do it!
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@Efe Ateş all thanks to AI
Sticky Content - How To Make Any Viewer Glued To Your Content:
~ Here’s The 3 Steps You Need To Take: ⬇️ ~ - Engaging Content from the Start: 1️⃣ - Hook your viewers within the first 10-15 seconds of the video. Use an intriguing question, a teaser of what's to come, or a visually captivating scene to grab their attention. - Introduce yourself and the purpose of the video early on, so viewers understand what to expect. - Maintain a clear and engaging narrative throughout the video to keep viewers interested. Quality Production and Editing: 2️⃣ - Ensure your video and audio quality is top-notch. Poor production quality can turn viewers away quickly. - Edit your videos to remove unnecessary pauses, long silences, or repetitive content. Keep the pacing engaging. - Use graphics, animations, and overlays to enhance the visual appeal and keep viewers visually engaged. - Interactive and Value-Driven Content: 3️⃣ - Encourage viewer interaction through questions, polls, or calls to action. Ask them to subscribe, like, or leave comments. - Provide value to your viewers by delivering informative, entertaining, or educational content that fulfills their expectations. - Keep an eye on your video analytics to identify drop-off points and work on improving those sections.
A Simple Framework That Will 10x Your Views Overnight: (Not A Hack!)
~ People are always looking for quick hacks and FADs that’s will get them an increase in viewership. As you probably know these things have minimal to no impact at all in your long term growth as a creator. So the question is this. how can I increase the viewership and followers on my platforms and in my content in general? After being in this industry coming up on 7 years now I found 3 main strategies from the top creators in the world that allows them to dramatically increase their viewership consistently seemingly overnight. Here’s what you need to do: ~ 1- Culture: Mixing culture and current events into your content while still applying your expertise on the topic will explode your reach. Why? People are attracted the things that are happening in real time and want different perspectives on it. 2- Mass Market Appeal: This basically means when creating content you don’t want to be super niche all the time. You can broaden your content while still being within the market you’re targeting. Example - if you’re a dentist and that’s what you primarily speak about you’re limiting your reach. But if you can broaden the topic of your content by discussing general Doctor questions this will exponentially increase your viewers. *note: you want the ratio to be around 1:5 this way you’re still maintaining your content around being a dentist as your main focus 3- Collaborations - Start inviting guests that have a same or very similar target audience as you. Incorporate them into your content. * You can do this by: ~ - Making a podcast style interview - Making a day in the life vlog with them - Discussing similar topics together - Asking them to share their story - Etc… (See what others are doing a model the styles) After you guys filmed the content together you can post the clips on your social pages and tag each other so both you guys can increase your viewership. Pro Tip: Collaborating with smaller creators (Around 10% Smaller) actually increases the follower conversion because they see you have a bigger audience which psychologically means you have more value. (Social Proof)
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@Teddy Dereje yes exactly
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