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Are you creating content consistently on Youtube and would like to grow your channel ? I would love to create a small group of youtube creators between 0 and 100k followers that mastermind once a week and help each others grow and stay accountable 😁 I have been running for a year a free mastermind for 6 figures online business owner and we all experienced so much value and growth from that group. So i believe, that a mastermind could benefits people that are serious about Youtube 🚀 I am looking for 5-10 people max that are already creating content weekly or just starting out. Comment "Go Youtube" if you are interested to join this free mastermind so we can connect and grow together



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    Started putting content out recently, I started by uploading daily for a week, just to create a habit of making videos, Currently focusing on building a habit of scripting before uploading and doing proper research. The next step would be to learn more about YouTube itself so this is exactly What I need. I'm in. Go YouTube!

Here’s mine:



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    The rest is hidden since I don't need them normally. It's quite straight up and simple. I did try the minimal approach for a few months prior to this but this has been the best for me so far.

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Hey, So After countless different ventures, I've decided to start YouTube (This will be like my 4th time already) and I've already set down the niche, it's going to be self-improvement and basically offering solutions to problems I face. I've started working on some videos and have written a few scripts already. However, What I noticed is that asking a set of questions is the best possible way to find a solution. It is quite similar to journaling. But The reason I made this post is because I wanted to ask people already doing YouTube... What are the questions You ask yourself while creating/writing a video? How do you set your goals with each video? What would You do if you had to Re-Start your Channel? Any and all help would be highly appreciated.



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    @Allan R. Thanks a lot, That's quite helpful. As for a niche, I'll start looking into it now so hopefully I have it figured out before I start publishing content.

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    @David Boland That is quite helpful, I appreciate it. Thank you. I'll update you once I start publishing and about any "aha" moments I come across as I go about this journey. Thanks a lot!!

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I’m meeting some great people here and just wondered where we are all from! Hopefully we can have some in person meet ups 🙌🏼 I’ve seen a couple already 😏😎 PS. Heads up, we have a google map of where our synthesizers are, feel free to add yourself:



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I feel intrigued by one thing and I start to learn it whole-heartedly, Then I find it insanely boring once I gain a bit of knowledge about it. It's been happening for years now. 1st I started with making dance tutorials on YouTube as a 10yr old Kid. [ Lasted a Year ] 2nd I moved on to making Gaming Videos.[ Lasted 6 Months ] 3rd I started doing stickman animation and really got into video editing as well. [ Lasted 18 Months ] After all of that, I suddenly got into music, started by producing but then got into Rapping and actually got to a point where I'd proudly call myself a decent Rapper. And This Lasted for 4 whole years. Everyone around me become certain that This is what I'd do. And I thought the same.. BUT guess what? Turns out I never really cared much about the glory a rockstar gets. I just wanted to do something that would validate my existence and I could cling to in order to differentiate myself. I just didn't want to be lie everyone else. And Yet, It didn't help me at all financially, and despite I initially did music for the love of it, That love faded as I got into self-improvement and realized how much degeneracy is there in Modern Culture. Then I started copywriting through the words of Iman. This was also when I started prioritizing my faith as well and started praying. I figured that god led me to copywriting and It felt logical, since I've always "built" stuff and wrote scripts and songs a lot. I started seeing massive progress. Within a few DAYS, I already started writing good copy (at least according to my peers)... But something still didn't sit right with me. And like you'd expect, I lost all interest and it's boring to me now. I've started reading a lot of books since then( Though It's only been a month since then ). I've had a lot of realizations just this past week alone. And I believe that what I really actually love is "learning" and "consuming" information rather than "doing" a certain thing. Anything that makes me feel like I'm learning makes me feel good. Thus, I've reached a point where I want to stop copywriting as well and just focus on learning, journaling what I've learnt and possibly find a way to make a living sharing what I've learnt.



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    @Andrei Roncea That's pretty helpful. Recently, I've started noticing how my brain works after countless hours of meditation. And what you're saying is completely the truth. I prioritized novelty, external desires and validation and that was the whole issue. I can't say I've got it all fixed but There's definitely been a lot of progress.

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    @Efe Ateş I've definitely have had those too. I was always complaining about the education system and why I still had to go to school and similar stuff but it was only after I left everything out and thought about it deeply that I began understanding that the problem doesn't even exist and that it's just illusory worry created by the primal half of my brain. This has become a blessing in disguise as I now posses somewhat of a strategy to solving problems.

Just yesterday, I watched Andrew's STOICISIM guide and I felt intrigued by Negative visualization. That being the case, I wanted to put it into practice. But the issue is, Every time I try to visualize losing something, I don't really feel a thing, Instead I start to anticipate What I would do to make the best of the situation. Now I'm contemplating weather this is a good or a bad thing. I've gone as far as to visualize having a kid and him being disappointed me but then my mind starts thinking of how to fix it, making it impossible for me to actually visualize the said thing.



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    @Riley Caldwell That's what I tried but then my mind instantly starts thinking of what I should do next. I'm going to try writing it down this time instead. I have a feeling that might be the solution.

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    @Benjamin Ewert So, I ended up writing it out instead. I started by writing what would happen if I were to stop self-improvement and working hard and gave in to modern addictions and advices of people around me. I kept writing and writing and writing and it eventually ended with me in tears and the story ended with me ruining my family, life, bloodline and everything you could possibly imagine. This did indeed arouse a sense of urgency in me but I wonder if this was actually the right way to the practice? I do think practicing this daily would change my whole behavior but I don't think this is what Negative Visualization is. What do you think?

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