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17 contributions to High-Ticket Synthesizer School
Genuine Career Growth
I'm curious where is everybody in their Goal Destination. It's been 10 months since I started my "Money Making Thing " Made 1K from it so far, and Grateful.
New comment Nov '23
1 like • Nov '23
The more I create goals and on a pursuit, the more problems I find with myself and my beleifs, turns out this needs some serious fixing so I'm doing this first instead.
Youtube Is Changing
I've been seeing a shift recently in the content that is performing well on YouTube. This content is being produced by what is known as "The New Wave" of creators. Content that is story driven and is a much slower pace. The motivation doesn't come from views, subs or viewer retention. The motivation is to just create a video that is authentic. Here is a video I made explaining this change - Have you noticed this change?
New comment Nov '23
Youtube Is Changing
1 like • Oct '23
I've noticed this change as well. Both in what's going viral and with what I've been watching myself. Podcasts are getting more views than ever. Full hour long guides are the same. It's changing for sure. I've decided to change my content to longer videos going forwards as well. There's just something about those videos that feel authentic and social. It's definitely something to look out for.
Impressions and Click-Through Rates..
I managed to up my audience retention quite a lot. But, I now realize that's quite useless if I don't even get people to click. Here's the thing... video 1 - 67 impressions, 26 views, 14.9% click-through rate video 2 - 1.5k impressions, 21 views, 1% click-through rate I used Hamza's name on the 2nd one, and it did indeed give me more impressions, but it seems a lot of people didn't actually click through. On the 1st one, the content inside is worth the watch for sure yet it seems it isn't even getting pushed to enough people. How exactly does impression work? how do I increase impressions and Click-Through rates? Any and all suggestions would be quite helpful, thank you! video 1: It makes no sense... - YouTube video 2: HAMZA... - YouTube
Impressions and Click-Through Rates..
I have so many learnings, insights, documents that I don't even know, where to look for what. How to solve this thing? Using Obsidian, Notion will help?
New comment Oct '23
0 likes • Oct '23
I use both. I keep shortened version of the notes in notion, since it's easy to sync. However, for long documents, journals and in depth, vague ideas, I use obsidian. There's really no one correct answer to how to go about it. Certainly, some are more productive but if you dont like using it, it'd be useless. Spend some time figuring out your own process of organizing your documents, it's a worthy investment.
Value First or Story First?
Hooks, essentially set the mood for the whole video it seems. That being the case, I figured I'd pack it to the brim with value and then tell my story. But then a problem arose... If I've already put the "micro-moment" in the 1st 30 seconds of the video, What's the point of the rest of the video? Why should my audience even bother watching the rest of it? - This resulted in a huge drop in audience retention after the hook. But then, When I tried putting the story first, It then gave a sense of a lack of intention and direction. Of course, this could just be my lack of experience but I want to know about what guys who've done well on YouTube think. What's the correct answer? Or is it about a priority rather than a correct answer? Please, Let me know.
New comment Oct '23
Value First or Story First?
0 likes • Oct '23
@Zac Mason so what I need most right now would be better story telling? Alright, got it! Thanks!!
4 likes • Oct '23
@Corey Bennett Boardman so... Catch them off guard Provide context Make them anticipate Drop the bomb Make them want more That makes quite a lot sense. Reminds me of how dopamine works as a whole. I'll go ahead and work on this, thanks!!
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