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14 contributions to Dream Clients Club
Website Wednesday!
🤩 Let's all get to know each other a bit better. Tell us about your business and share your website link in the comments below 👇 I can't wait to hear more about your businesses 😃
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@Marie Droniou-Bordry Great, how's the process going?
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@Marie Droniou-Bordry I‘d love to see it when it’s done.
Hi all, I know this is a special topic, let me know if it doesn't fit in the scope @Melitta Campbell Thank you for anyone who has a registered coaching business in Switzerland and has experience with GDPR. Me with my 1 person "Einzelunternehmen" Swiss registered business is soon going to coach max. a few hours within a program initiated in the US. I will promote it as well in Europe on social media, etc. One of my Swiss therapist friends told me to be careful with the new Swiss GDPR legislation, that came out 1. Sept, 2023. One info thread in English: I am asking all those who have a registered small business in Switzerland: - Do you know a source where to go to for an updated GDPR text for the most simple coaching service that includes working with people potentially from all over the world, promoting on Instagram and FB, other social media, using emails, names, telephone numbers of potential clients. Thanks for any advice or ideas. Judit x
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Check this website out: you can start for free, generate the lagal files and text. Either way If you're still not sure what you are doing then I would suggest you consult a lawyer.
Use Long-Tail Keywords to win the SEO game
Did you know long-tail keywords are responsible for over 70% of search traffic? In the ever-evolving world of SEO Long-tail keywords are not just a buzzword. They're a strategic tool to enhance your website's visibility. And attract more qualified leads. Why long-tail keywords? They're more specific - Less competitive = Lower Costs And closer to buy decisions than their shorter counterparts. Long-tail keywords are the secret sauce to boosting your SEO strategy. Driving targeted traffic, and increasing conversion rates. Here are examples of long-tail keywords: "Eco-friendly yoga mats for beginners" instead of "Yoga mats" "Best gaming laptops under $1000" instead of "Laptop" But identifying the perfect long-tail keywords can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Did you know about Long-Tail Keywords and are you leveraging to differentiate yourself from the crowd? Tell me in the comments below! P.S. Here I've shared a post on how to boost your online traffic: P.P.S. I'll share another post about the best free software to get high-ranking keywords.
New comment Mar 22
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@Mia Arrowsmith You're welcome!
It's Get Visible - Value Session Task Post
How do you feel about getting more visible in your business? If you are anything less that 100% confident, be sure to watch the replay of this week's value session on how to build your visibility confidence. And once you have watched it, share here how your belief has shifted and what small step you are going to take next towards your goal as a result. If you missed the session, you can watch the replay here.
New comment 26d ago
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Thank you for sharing it @Melitta Campbell . What you share in these sessions is invaluable.
Boost Your Site: Top 3 Free Tools for Higher Rankings & More Traffic
Is your website performing the way it should? OR the way you want to? Have you tried searching for services you offer in your area, city, or country? Does your business appear anywhere? If no, then It's time to change that. Gaining traffic is tough, but let's simplify it. Your site might not be living up to its potential. These 3 tools are everything you need to get started and boost your traffic. The best part is you can start using them for free (I also posted other alternatives to Ubersuggest in the group) I know maybe you've heard about most of them but they are still very powerful. And the best part... You can use them for free (I also posted other alternatives to Ubersuggest in the group) - Google Analytics: Dive deep into visitor data to understand and improve your site's performance. - Microsoft Clarity: Use heatmaps to see where your visitors click and how they navigate your site, offering invaluable insights into user behavior. - Ubersuggest: Boost your SEO strategy to increase visibility and rank higher in search results. These aren't just tools; they're your roadmap to transforming your website's visibility and performance. Shift from being unnoticed to becoming indispensable. With the right approach and tools, your website can attract more traffic, engage visitors, and convert them into customers. Do you have any of these software tools set up on your website? Are you tracking your site's activity and looking for improvement areas? Let me know in the comments below.
New comment Mar 8
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@Melitta Campbell Thank you.
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