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Monday Mission
It's Monday! What are your top 3 goals for this week? Share your goals and plans - and if you need any help or support, share that too. I can't wait to hear what you're working on!
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@Mia Arrowsmith sounds like a very productive week - good luck : )
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@Helen Gaines fantastic, great to see you getting your business out there : )
🎧 Podcast Chat 🤔 Answering your questions!
Following on from last week's episode, where Monica Antohi took over as host, this time it was your turn to put me in the hot seat and ask questions! And you asked some amazing questions! ⭐ Leslie Martinez: Have you ever struggled with valuing your expertise? If you have, what was the one thing that helped you to overcome it?‍ ⭐ Judit Csapo: What role has intuition played in making difficult decisions in your business? ⭐ Dr. Olga Morton: We know your niche is helping female entrepreneurs. But is there anything in particular you found challenging when working with women? ‍⭐ Mary Vaz:‍ You've achieved a lot over your 16 years in business. What wisdom could you offer to those who are also juggling multiple roles and responsibilities and be successful? ⭐ Catherine Smith: If you were starting your network from scratch, what would you do? ⭐ Nia Campbell:‍‍ How can we know what advice is right for us to follow. For example, how can someone be confident they've found the right business coach to follow? You can listen to the full episode here: #201: You Asked I Answered > Did you find these insights valuable? > What resonated most with you? Share all in the comments below 👇 I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this special episode!
🎧 Podcast Chat 🥳 the 200th episode of the Podcast
🤩 It feels surreal to be releasing the 200th episode of my podcast - but exciting all the same! 😊 And looking back on all the amazing interviews I've had and the breadth of business wisdom and insight packed into each episode, and the wonderful messages I've received from my listeners, I can't help but feel proud of everything the show has delivered over the last four years. 🎤 This episode is a little different, as Monica Antohi, editor-in-chief of The Business Magazine for Women and Founder of Sustain-Ability Media, takes-over as host of the show and interviews me! 🔎 She decided to explore the people, events and experiences that made me the business coach, author and Value Whisperer I am today. 🤔 It's always interesting to see your achievements through the eyes of others, and I learned a lot about myself through Monica's questions and reflections. You can listen to the full episode here: #200: Revealing the Real Melitta Campbell > Did you find these insights valuable? > What resonated most with you? > What question would you have asked if you were the host? Share all in the comments below 👇 I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this special episode!
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@Jennie Reed thanks, so pleased you enjoyed it : )
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@Rosemary Bointon thank you 😊
Friday Fun
🤔. What's the strangest thing a client ever said to you?
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Are you ready to Get Serious About Sales?
Let’s make your 2024 income goals come true!! I've teamed up with 40 experts to help you boost sales for FREE. 🚀Join us at the Get Serious About Sales Summit on Get your FREE Ticket here - we start on 15 April.
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@Marie Droniou-Bordry I used to be the same! But over time I've reframed sales - it's how I get to serve and help people. If you think back to some of the most enjoyable experiences you've had while buying a product, you soon start to see what it's not a bad thing at all : ) You'll find lots of sessions during the summit that will help you with this reframe.
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@Sabine Munshi there is a sales mindset session in the Blueprint programme that you might find helpful : )
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