Hi all,
I know this is a special topic, let me know if it doesn't fit in the scope
Thank you for anyone who has a registered coaching business in Switzerland and has experience with GDPR.
Me with my 1 person "Einzelunternehmen" Swiss registered business is soon going to coach max. a few hours within a program initiated in the US. I will promote it as well in Europe on social media, etc.
One of my Swiss therapist friends told me to be careful with the new Swiss GDPR legislation, that came out 1. Sept, 2023.
One info thread in English:
I am asking all those who have a registered small business in Switzerland:
  • Do you know a source where to go to for an updated GDPR text for the most simple coaching service that includes working with people potentially from all over the world, promoting on Instagram and FB, other social media, using emails, names, telephone numbers of potential clients.
Thanks for any advice or ideas.
Judit x
Judit Csapo Karovits
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