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Step-by-Step Guide: Embed Wistia Videos from Kajabi into Skool
Hi There 👋 I found a workaround for how to embed Wistia Videos from Kajabi into Skool without having to download them. Also asked @sam what he thinks about sharing it with the community, and he was happy to share it with you. So here we go: 1. Login to Kajabi -> Go to the Course you want to use 2. Right-click on the video and copy the link and thumbnail (see attached image) 3. Paste it in a code editor or I use Google Translate which works faster for me 😊 4. Copy the video ID after wvideo="yourid" (see attached image) 5. Add the video ID right at the end of the link 6. Paste the whole link to Skool Module and voila (see the attached image) The use cases for that could be: - Transition to skool faster by adding the same courses you already have on Kajabi and testing it out - You use the benefits of Wistia without having to pay for it extra - Or if you still want to use Kajabi for Courses and Landing pages and skool for Community, but you want some of the courses to add on the free group This could be a great solution till Skool launches its own native video hosting. Hope that would be useful for you. Cheers Genc
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@Austin Hancock I don't think you can do that within skool. Also, Kajabi uses Wistia player but changes the thumbnail outside Wistia (within Kajabi) and in this case, I think the only way to do that is by uploading videos to Wistia. The solution I posted is the faster way of transferring/using videos you already have on Kajabi to skool.
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@Jamie Ogilvy You're welcome
Best Tools for Generating Infinite Content Ideas for Your Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc...
Running out of content ideas? Don't know what to write or talk about? Coming up with new ideas can be hard and frustrating Especially if you want to publish consistently. You get stuck and thinking What should I say next. What my potential customers are searching for. And it is time-consuming as well. In this post (I’ll keep it short) I’ll share some of the best tools out there to help you generate new ideas for whatever topic or platform you want to publish on. Some of them you might heard about. Here we go: AlsoAsked - Find the questions People also ask. Just enter a question or a keyword and get different topic ideas. KeywordsPeopleUse - Get instant insights into what people are searching and what questions they ask online for in different platforms all in one tool. Neuraltext (People Also Ask) - a free keyword and topic research tool Answer Socrates - this is a great free tool that gives you loads of content ideas. Try it out yourself. Moz Free Keyword Explorer - using this tool you can find out how many people are searching for that keyword in your are as well as other suggestions, for free. Google Autocomplete - Just type the keyword or topic you want to talk about in Google Search and Google Autocomplete will show different variations of that, it's what other people are searching for. Also when you hit search and scroll further you see "Related searches" which shows more results and topic ideas. No affiliate links, just some trying to help anyone stuck getting content ideas. Using these tools you'll guaranteed to get unlimited content ideas. So try them out... and happy creating 😊. Hit the "Like" button if you liked this post. Let me know what other tools are you using to get new content ideas?!
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@Mia Arrowsmith you're welcome
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@Jamie Ogilvy That's great, I use it every day as well, I created a simple form that using automations will generate long-tail keywords and topic ideas in seconds. ... but the tools I posted will give insights of what people are searching for, how many people are search about that topic and other relevant topics, you can than take these topics and put in chat gpt to create content from that.
Introducing "The Skool Games"
There's two sides to building a business online: Tools and Training on how to use those tools. The problem with training is opinions. There are so many opinions, they contradict each-other, and it's hard to know what to do. If only there was a way to see what's working now in realtime... Introducing The Skool Games — a fun way to build your own business with other people — where the training comes from the winners fresh every month. Here's how it works: 1. Skool group owners that want to play can join The Skool Games group 2. You drive traffic to your group, get customers, and grow your MRR 3. Leaderboards show who's adding the most New MRR each month in realtime 4. The top 10 on the leaderboards win 1-day with @Alex Hormozi and me at his Vegas HQ where we share what we did to win and collaborate to find ways to improve (we'll record the whole thing) 5. Everybody who gets 3 paid members to join their group will unlock the 1-day recordings so you can hear directly from the winners and be a fly on the wall so you can up your game 6. Every month theres a new chance to win. If you don't win the first month, you'll learn from the winners in the 1-day recordings where they share exactly what they did to win We're basically crowdsourcing the best strategies and tactics to make money online doing what you love. We're not telling you what to do, we want you to be creative and try new things. We're all playing the same game. Different people are good at different things, let's see who can figure out each part of the equation and come together to form the ultimate way to play. If we evolve the training and the tool (Skool) in a constant monthly improvement loop, this industry will innovate at a pace we've never seen before. I can't wait! We know people are using Skool in different ways, and that's awesome. Keep using Skool however you want, The Skool Games are totally optional and the discussions will happen in a separate group.
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Free Skool Masterclass (7+ Hours) $655K & 25K Members 1 Year
Hey Everyone, Just released a free 7+ hour Skool Masterclass. It shows how I grew my Skool community to over 25,000 members in a year and made $84,167 in 4 months and $655,106 in the first year without ads, brand, or following. Enjoy 🚀🌙
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Woow... thank you a lot for sharing it.
New to Skool. Who dis?
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It's great to have you here @Alex Hormozi
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