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How to grow instagram using IG shoutouts
A few guys have been asking me this in the comments and in private so I decided just to post it here This is the exact answer I’m giving them: 1) Have a good offer for a specific avatar If your page doesn’t have something to offer people won’t follow It could be learning a skill, a passion, entertainment 2) look up for theme pages or influencers that are in the same space Could be those pages like “millionaire mindset” or something like it 3) list out at least 20 of them and send messages asking for the promotion prices 4) create a very good carrousel our reel that get’s a stranger to like you and follow you 5) close the shoutouts date and time with the accounts you liked the most People to research to learn about this topic: Josue Peña, Bastiaan Slot
New comment Dec '23
0 likes • Dec '23
@Michael Jones yeah look for both types. Just do it man instead of asking me take massive action and you will learn the answers
0 likes • Dec '23
@Michael Jones it’s ok man, It’s just that the best advice I can give you is to try yourself and see for yourself for a bit
Instagram followers for social proof
Been testing some stuff and was able to get a brand new account to 500+ followers in 6 hours. I don’t care about the quality I’m only using it to generate status on my prospect’s mind. After all of you approach a model and she sees that you have 3x more followers than her she might pay more attention to you (considering you also have good content) Gonna post updates soon. Goal is 10k than 50k than 100k Update 01: over 1k followers now.
New comment Dec '23
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@Lawrence P yeah I plan to use this profile just for networking and social proof I have another social media account I use for bizz so I don't mind having cheap followers that don't engage since I'm using it just for cold approaches But you have a good point
0 likes • Dec '23
@Lawrence P yo this girl was crazy haha Sorry to hear that
I need tips for bulking
I am 14, 6’0ft tall, and only 150 ibs. I am severely underweight and I need tips on how i should approach a bulk. Should I workout while i gain weight or gain a ton of weight and then workout? If someone could please give me tips that would be great.
New comment Dec '23
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The best thing that has been working for me is using Jay Vincent’s HIT principles I got 2kg in 4 weeks by working out 2x a week with 30min sessions Look him up on YouTube Also feel free to ask me anything
Recommendations on finding good black t-shirts?
I have noticed a lot of guys wearing just a black t-shirt when going out, including Michael Sartain. I like this as it seems minimal and easy. However I've bought some in the past and they ended up shrinking or the material wasn't high quality, didn't fit well etc. Does anyone have any stores or recommendations to find some of these? As well as how to ensure they fit well and will stay fitting well after purchasing?
New comment Feb 4
2 likes • Dec '23
Look up Greg’s Kinoclothing
Which Is Better?
You being at the club with 5 good looking women is better than you being at the club with a world famous DJ. Change my mind.
New comment Dec '23
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What if it’s a world famous hot female DJ and her hot female friends?
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