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Which Is Better?
You being at the club with 5 good looking women is better than you being at the club with a world famous DJ. Change my mind.
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November Progress Report IV
This week: Hosted AI Online Dating Podcast. 4 panelists; 2 with PhDs, 3 with their own dating apps, 2 of which are AI based. Hosted Social Circle VS Cold Approach debate between Michael Sartain and Hamza Hitch. Mega Zoom call with Dan Bilzerian. Almost 700 people were there. Hosted networking call for photographers. Found a vulnerability in the advertising panel of the biggest AI tool website, which gets millions of views on a regular basis, and milked hundreds of dollars worth of advertising for free by exploiting their vulnerability. I ran it overnight and was #1 on the entire website for free, while everyone else was paying $0.78 per click to come near my spot. One tried to outbid me by spending more money per click. They got #1 for maybe 1 or 2 hours. So I just upped it to $0.80. But it didn't cost me a damn thing. Never had any competition after that. Unfortunately they patched it eventually when finding out about it. But I managed to rack in a bunch of signups for my AI product.
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Whites only. Gotta live up to the name.
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@Luis Chaguaceda No brands, aside from East Coast Lifestyle. In my part of Canada, at least, people don't wear brands. All my shirts now come from Redbubble, and have designs on the front of things I like and personal things, like Miami Vice, Drive, ENTJ, Peru, Canada, etc. I don't pay money like a sucker to advertise a famous brand on my torso. I advertise myself. Got a bit about this in a video with Michael.
Cold Approach VS Social Circle Debate I
The first one from last month was absolutely insane: Last night I hosted the second debate. This time between Michael Sartain and Hamza Hitch, with 2 clients each on sidelines. Althought this will need to be edited first and will likely come out later next week. Do you guys have any particular points about these kinds of debates? What points would you make? What's missing? How far did you get with each method? Let's consider ideas for the next.
November 2023 Progress Report III
Last week: Xoogler Startup Demo Day. Saw various startups pitch their companies for investment. Connected to one in particular. She proposed to have an in-person meeting on Thursday last week since we had plenty to talk about. Dating Coach Panel with Ross Jeffries, Michael Sartain, Markus Wolf, Ciaran Callam, Brandon Gregurovic, Jesse Flores and Patrick Krajcsi. Biggest panel yet at 8 people, and craziest lineup yet. That was just Monday. Did a video with Ross Jeffries focused on NLP language patterns, since it gets a lot of popularity on YouTube. That was just Tuesday. Went on the MVP Engineer Podcast. That was just Wednesday. Dan Bilzerian posted a video on his story of some guys in Brazil dressed up as Ignite lighters, and asked his followers to find them so he can give them money. Challenge accepted. I found the guys within 4 minutes due to my very specific set of skills. I sent the guy who posted it a message on Instagram and he replied within an hour, I also alerted Dan Bilzerian. All the guys were then alerted, but they didn't believe that I actually know Dan Bilzerian. I collected their phone numbers and other information and gave it to Dan and successfully connected them. These guys were shitting themselves so much over it. Then those motherfuckers really believed me. Got invited to Dan's event on Tuesday, and so were those Brazilian (Brazilerian) guys. Had a group meeting with the Director of DeepMind. Had the meeting with the aforementioned startup woman. Invited her onto my AI Online Dating Podcast since her startup is in AI. I was supposed to go on JustPearlyThings's livestream, but it was canceled just hours before. Because she got demonetized. That would have been my second appearance, but they will keep me updated. My first appearance still remains as one of her last livestreams at this point in time. That was just Thursday. Writing this late because last night I had to take my wife to hospital. So perhaps this is also to say that I have achieved all of this in the space of 4 consecutive days, all in one week, despite my wife's deadly medical condition. I don't know what the fuck is going on in your lives, but you can't deny the dedication in the face of death. See my video with Pearl Davis and my wife where I talk about this ( and realize that you need to kick yourself in the ass to take action. I challenge you to outperform me. My wife has Grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma and we have a 3 year old daughter. Outperform me. I dare you.
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Hell yeah. Imagine how crazy the sex would be. (As long as she's beautiful, of course) The girl in the thumbnail, maybe not. Because I don't like her hair.
November 2023 Progress Report II
Last week: Talked to Stirling Cooper briefly. Invited onto a panel I was coincidentally planning that he would be perfect for. Also found out 1-2 days later that Justin Marc knows him (Found an image on Google Images when making a thumbnail for a video). I was planning on a panel about having at least one girlfriend and dating more women, and I had Justin on my list in the first place. So there's a nice coincidence. Invited to stay at a veteran coach's place for a weekend, whenever I choose. As long as our times align. I'll take it up because I want to go to the city for food reasons. Talked to the owner of an antique book store. Gave her recommendations for travel in Perรบ. I had to go, but I was gonna get back to her and exchange details. But I ran out of time. Connected Ross Jeffries with Pearl Davis. He won't be on her livestream because he won't travel to London, but setting up a pre-recorded collaboration video or debate. Connected Dan Bilzerian with Pearl Davis. Invited onto JustPearlyThings again (For Thursday this week). Talked to Erik Von Markovik about doing an interview. Me and Ross Jeffries are cooperating a lot. Planning videos and all kinds of shit.
Las Vegas Trip
Just left Las Vegas on Saturday. I couldn't bring my wife with me because she has brain cancer, but I met lots of guys involved with MOA, and/or readers of my book and people who watched some of my videos. Even a guy I met before 5 years ago in Manhattan. The potential is so great. I just wanted to go get breakfast somewhere for some pancakes, and ended up meeting a celebrity chef and having a conversation, then connecting him to my publisher because he wanted to write a book about his success and his story. I told a lot of guys that the problem with Las Vegas nightclub tables is that half the people have tables. But the places I am used to tend to have 1-4 tables at most. So the tables aren't exactly where the highest status is at. A stage/DJ booth is better; which is what KOKO in London had when I had access to that place for nearly 2 years. (Before it closed due to renovations and a fire) I was non-stop since arriving on Tuesday, being interviewed for other people's channels, doing tourism, and also going a mega mansion. To summarize my trip: 1. Free flights (3: London to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to London; flights were last minute, giving me 23 hours to pack and get ready before the takeoff) 2. Free accommodation (In fact, I had at least two people offer a place for me to stay within 10 minutes of the flight being booked; less than 24 hours before I would arrive) 3. Podcast invitations 4. Free access to OMNIA + table 5. Free access to XS + table 6. Meeting at a mega mansion 7. Attended MOA Summit 8. Free party at the top of Mandalay Bay + table 9. Visited Hoover Dam for free 10. Connected celebrity chef to publisher (Maybe I'll get credited in his book) ; ) 11. Offered a podcast studio Can't remember the rest. But I finally met Michael Sartain in-person for the first time, after nearly 3 years of collaborating; which started with me hijacking his Monday calls once every 6 months. I was there Tuesday to Saturday. That's 5 days. But really, it was 100 hours. I achieved all of this in just 100 hours in a city I had never been to in my entire life.
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