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Money Killed YouTube, Here's How We Fix It
Recommended video: I'd recommend you watch the first couple minutes, then skip to 8:31.
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@Siebren de Vos Oh that's awesome to hear about the response for this current video. Great beginning for sure! Looking forward to checking it out later today! 🙌 I'm currently working through a daily intensive program for OCD/anxiety, so that is the current goal. 💛
@Siebren de Vos Thank you brother! 🙌
How to unlock these 2 courses ?
Can someone help on why it shows that I don't have access to these 2 courses here on synthesizers classrom ? And what needs to be done to get access to them ? Looking forward to your help
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New comment Apr 19
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@Ayush Sharma @Fede Navone Sabella Accelerator was a previous paid coaching call. University is a different mastermind group. More info here 🔽 🙌
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@Ayush Sharma Glad to hear it! You're welcome, friend. 🙌
My first video
Hello folks, this is my first ever video posted on YouTube that i procrastinated on doing it since forever. check it out
New comment Apr 15
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Awesome Daner! Welcome to the arena. Keep it going, friend! 🙌
I beat resistance and finaly made a new video
A thing very few people talk about is how easy is to fall off of the "content flywheel" you can get to the point when content creation is effortless and you create value after value, but if you fall off and you stop the momentum it's pretty easy to regress back, I personally haven't published any high-quality video that I was proud of in the last 1 year, because of traveling, helping business owners grow on youtube and honestly the main main reason was just the fact that I was deeply afraid of my video not performing. Because if I half-ass a video and it flops I can blame it on the fact that "yeah I didn't put everything into this video" however if I put in a lot of effort into my video and I do what I believe is the best way to create content and it flops, that can hurt. I was delaying uploading this video because I knew it wasn't perfect, but if I don't make a deadline then I will never publish and as the saying goes: "Art is never finished, only abandoned." resistance can manifest in so many different ways, for some people its half-assing the video so they can blame it on that if it flops, for someone its perfectionism so they never publish, for someone its delaying uploading that first video, or justifying why this one thing that just came up in the business is more important than creating content, for others they say I will first hit XYZ income goal and after it I start creating content, your brain will create the perfectly written sales letter of why not to publish that video, but you have to notice it and do it anyway. "oh the lights could have been better" "I should have worked more on the editing" "why did I choose this idea, its so hard to package" I mean it's not perfect I know, but instead of wanting to make all these improvements I just want to press upload and promise myself that everything I don't like with this one I will implement into the next one. And as always feedback is appreciated and I'm curious how do you guys remain consistent with content?
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BEN'S BACK AGAIN! Love to see this! 🙌
What is the way?
I want to offer video editing services. I’m now reading “$100M Leads” and there is a chapter on creating free content and the concept of giving value before asking for money. Gary Vee’s “jab jab jab jab, right hook”. I’m asking whether just creating content in form of showcasing my work and maybe editing tips is enough and then I just should wait until someone contacts me about hiring me as an editor or is doing cold outreach or other form of advertising is also good? Drop your opinion in the comment bro
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Do both. Showcase and outreach. Create what you're proud of. Put it in public. Be helpful. Opportunities arise. Have fun Daniel! 🙌
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